Desperados’ Las Playas Resort in Cabo San Lucas: Here’s where movie was actually filmed

desperados movie from netflix
Three friends travel to Mexico to fix a potential relationship mistake before it happens in Desperados. Pic credit: Netflix

The new rom-com film Desperados presents the story of a group of friends in Mexico trying to fix a potential relationship problem.

The Desperados’ Las Playas Resort in Cabo San Lucas provided part of the movie’s setting, alongside the bustling city of Los Angeles. Many people may not realize where the movie’s filming took place.

Desperados takes place at Las Playas Resort Hotel in Los Cabos

As mentioned, in Desperados we follow the comical adventure of a girl who sent a drunken email to her new boyfriend and is trying to delete it. She enlists the help of two friends to head to Mexico to get rid of it.

The three female friends are Kaylie (Sarah Burns), Brooke (Anna Camp), and Wesley (Nasim Pedrad).

Robbie Amell, known for his role in CW’s The Flash and also on Amazon’s Upload, plays the love interest, Jared. Also starring in the film is Lamorne Morris as Sean.

One of the beautiful and romantic Netflix movie settings is a Los Cabos hotel resort, located at the southernmost part of Mexican Baja California Sur.

The Desperados film also has events taking place in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California as shown in the trailer.

Where was the Desperados movie actually filmed?

Even with the Netflix film having scenes in the city of Los Angeles, the production filmed in Mexico. Wesley’s date with Sean took place in the Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City.

The hotel is really in Cabo, although it is named differently.

According to Atlas of Wonders, Desperado’s Las Playas Resort was a name change for the sake of the film.

It’s the real-world Esperanza Auberge Resort & Spa located in Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Ocean coast.

More specifically, the real-life hotel is on the Punta Ballena coastline of Cabo. It features plenty of space and great amenities for guests.

Those include a private beach with concierge services, state-of-the-art gym for staying healthy, as well as an on-site art gallery, per the resort listing.

Guests stay in cabana-style rooms featuring high ceilings and a large private terrace.

Inside the room are extras, including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and an iPod docking station.

For those who want to dine at the resort, an amazing restaurant called Cocina Del Mar is carved into the cliffs with a great view over the ocean.

By the way, there’s also a beautiful infinity pool with a swim-up bar. A nightclub and spa are just a few other great features of the Esperanza Auberge Resort & Spa.

A video tour below gives a visual sample of what one can expect and may remind viewers of some of what they saw in Desperados.

The real-life Cabo San Lucas Esperanza Resort is not far from downtown San Jose, as it’s estimated to be just a 25-minute drive.

The Cabo San Lucas International Airport is also under 10 miles away.

Nonetheless, many of the new Netflix rom-com’s scenes provide the stunning beauty of the area and help give a great visual backdrop for the three friends’ adventure.

Desperados is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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