Army of the Dead: What happened to Geeta in the Netflix movie?

Army of the Dead: What happened to Geeta
Army of the Dead: What happened to Geeta? Pic credit: Netflix

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead presented Netflix viewers with a very different-looking zombie movie.

These were not the lumbering undead eating people. These were creatures created by an Alpha zombie, many serving the new Las Vegas zombie community and others serving as low-level grunts.

Army of the Dead saw a team of mercs sent in to get the money left behind in a casino before the United States nuked the entire city to wipe out the zombies once and for all.

That is where things went wrong, as the mercs had to fight their way out when one of their own betrayed them. Not everyone survived, and one character seemed to disappear completely.

Spoilers follow for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead on Netflix.

What happened to Geeta in Army of the Dead?

In Army of the Dead, the survivors had to fight their way out of Las Vegas after a security head betrayed them and killed the Queen, beheading her so he could return the head to his boss.

The goal was to sell the DNA to the highest bidder so someone could create their own zombie army.

It didn’t work.

In the end, there were only four people who got on the helicopter to escape — Scott, Kate, Geeta, and Marianne.

Geeta went back in to rescue her kids from a “quarantine camp” that the government set up. The Zombie King Zeus captured her and Kate ended up rescuing her and getting to the helicopter.

Zeus raced to the helicopter and attacked. He hurt both Marianne and Scott before a bullet in the head ended his threat. However, the helicopter crash landed and only one person seemed to survive.

Marianne died. Kate and Scott came out alive, but Kate had to kill her dad when he turned into a zombie after Zeus had bitten him.

But what about Geeta?

Geeta likely died in the helicopter crash

When the helicopter crashed, the fate of Geeta was up in the air.

What happened to Geeta in Army of the Dead?

The movie never showed Zeus killing her. It also never showed her dead after the crash landing.

Kate left the crashed helicopter. She found Marianne dead. She then went to look for her dad and that is when she had to kill him after he turned.

She never saw, nor looked for Geeta. This seemed strange since she went through the efforts to save her from Zeus.

Scott gave Kate the money he escaped with before he changed and said it should help get Geeta’s kids out of the camp, but never mentioned Geeta.

Geeta was likely dead, or the movie would have mentioned her in the end.

Army of the Dead is currently streaming on Netflix.

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