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66 Movies in One Picture: Can you figure out the answers to the viral challenge?

A pic of the 66 Movies challenge
The aim of the challenge is to find 66 movie references. Pic credit:

Are you a movie buff, bored and stuck in self-isolation? Then the reemergence of this old online challenge might be just the thing for you.

66 Movies in One Picture is an old challenge from 2015, but it’s going viral once again, for understandable reasons.

The website Popcorn Garage originally introduced the challenge, and it features a picture with 66 movie references.

The picture of a garage is just jam-packed with classic movie references, and some quite obscure ones too. It’s not half as easy as many might think.

The challenge is straightforward: Can you name all 66 movies?

Popcorn Garage originally listed three rules to the game. Firstly, find the movie reference and type it into the box the website provides.

Secondly, they operate a three strike, and you’re out policy, so don’t get more than three wrong answers.

And finally, you get a +1 score for every right answer and win the game if you get all 66.

Folks make their own rules for 66 Movies challenge

However, this is 2020, and a lot of us are currently in lockdown, so people have taken to Twitter to spread the 66 Movies photo, and many have adapted the rules somewhat.

Moe Rock took to Twitter to give the game his twist; posting the photo, he wrote: “Name one and only one, so everyone can play!

What a great idea. At the time of writing, he’s had over 80 responses, so there are some wrong answers.

This twist of only naming one at a time has quickly caught on. Kelly Holland suggested we could play with family. She said it’s a “fun texting game with my aunt, cousins, and sisters.”

For those willing to give it a go: Best of luck!

Some online challenges have been controversial

There have been plenty of fun online challenges doing the rounds as many of us struggle to keep ourselves occupied while we self-isolate; however, some sinister challenges have also been doing the rounds.

Tik Tok influencer Ava Louise started a controversial challenge that involved licking toilet seats. This led to Larz, a TikTok influencer from California, claiming he was hospitalized with COVID-19 after performing the challenge.

There are plenty of other much safer activities to perform during this time of global crisis; Mo Willems has started broadcasting YouTube videos that teach folk how to draw, ok, so it’s technically for children, but adults can draw too.

Or you could finally learn how to play that musical instrument that’s been gathering dust in the corner for months. Fender Play recently offered folks free online lessons to helpfully give some of us a head start on this