6 Underground: What is the song in the trailer?

Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground
Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground. Pic credit: Netflix

Michael Bay is back with a brand new jam that will certainly pack one’s ears and eyeballs full of pyrotechnics and Victoria Secret models who try “acting.”

This time though, he has one of the most hilarious and charismatic stars leading the charge, and that’s Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds. Their collaboration titled 6 Underground is due out this December and honestly, it does look like a promising action film to look forward to.

The footage feels like a more subdued Bay experience like The Rock or Pain & Gain, which were both noteworthy films from a director that is the directing equivalent of Nicolas Cage.

However, since the trailer was unleashed yesterday, it seems as if the visuals were not the only impressive aspect of the preview. The music is a standout as well.

But what is the song from the 6 Underground movie trailer? Here is more information about the film and the name of the 6 Underground trailer song.

What is the plot of 6 Underground?

Have you ever wanted to make so much money that it really didn’t seem to matter anymore and you could do whatever you wanted? Maybe you could even live out your childhood fantasy and be like Batman, saving the world from those pesky bad guys the police couldn’t catch.

According to IMDb, Michael Bay’s new movie 6 Underground is about just that. Six people that make so much money they really don’t even need it anymore, so they plan to make their lives matter in a much more unique and dangerous way.

Instead of doing what most men worth billions would do and relaxing at a country club playing golf, they decide to form their own team (Avengers style), and save the world from evil people who are destroying lives, and with all of that money, and a little bit of daring, it’s the perfect formula to keep the world a little bit safer at night.

How do they get away with this plan? Simple. They use all these resources to fake their own deaths and give themselves something they truly need in the process — freedom to pursue the most dangerous people that are making the world so much harder.

It’s a rock-solid concept for an action film being released in the age of superheroes.

What is the 6 Underground trailer song?

The talent behind the music from the 6 Underground trailer is none other than Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren. The track playing is called “Blah Blah Blah” but judging by the actual song, it’s been remixed and restructured for advertisement purposes.

The song Blah Blah Blah can be heard in the YouTube video provided above.

For those who are unfamiliar with Armin van Buuren, he is one of the most popular DJ’s globally and has accomplished quite a lot. He’s one of the very short lists of Trance DJs (only four) who have been nominated for a Grammy.

Even just last year, van Burren held the Top 5 position for greatest DJs for DJMag with the bragworthy placement at #4. And that’s higher than David Guetta at #5.

On top of this, he maintains the record for the most spots on the Dance/Electronic Billboard charts than any other.

His Grammy-nominated song “This Is What It Feels Like” can be heard below.

6 Underground will be available on Netflix starting December 13.

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