Should you watch Deadpool 2 with your parents? Here’s the answer!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in Deadpool 2
Ryan Reynolds as the superhero in Deadpool 2, which hits theaters this weekend

Deadpool 2 is finally released this weekend and the hype is at an all-time high — but is this a movie you could watch with your parents?

The good news is, Deadpool HIMSELF has answered this question for fans, but the answer really depends on two things.

Firstly, who your parents are and whether they are comfortable with movies that contain more than a splattering of cuss words, crass jokes and violence. Secondly, how comfortable YOU would be watching that kind of thing with your parents.

In all likelihood, you wouldn’t be asking this question at all if the latter applied to you, so evidently the most important thing in this equation is how open-minded your parents are.

Here’s our quick cut-out-and-keep guide to whether you should watch Deadpool 2 with your parents:

Should I watch Deadpool 2 with my parents?

Scenario one: Your parents are bookish, easily-embarrassed, quiet types. DEFINITELY NO
Scenario two: Your parents are awesome anything-goes type people. DEFINITELY YES

What is Deadpool 2’s rating?

Deadpool 2 is rated R, which as all movie fans know stands for Restricted. That means those under the age of 17 require to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. So if you’re under 17, it’s pretty likely you’re going to HAVE to watch Deadpool 2 with your parents or some other adult.

An R rating means it will contain “some adult material”. The rules state: “An R-rated motion picture may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements”.

Soooooo, if you think your parents would be uncomfortable with any of that then Deadpool 2 is probably a no-no for you watching with your parents. And if you think you’d be squirming under your seat watching any of those things next to mom and pops then, again, keep the padres away!

WORTH THINKING ABOUT: If the deleted baby Hitler post-credit scene is anything to go by, Deadpool 2 is going to be quite close to the bone.

So what did Deadpool say?

For a while in the lead-up to Deadpool 2’s release, Wade Wilson himself took to Google to answer a series of questions people were searching about — including ‘Should I watch Deadpool 2 with my parents?”

Deadpool answers question on Google
Deadpool answers the question all teenagers want to know on Google

It was actually obviously Ryan Reynolds as part of the marketing build-up for the movie. However, he DID give a definitive answer to the question.

His answer: “Are you asking if you couldn’t line up a date or is it because you’re not 17 yet? Either way, the answer’s yes!”

But he would say that!

Deadpool 2 is released this Friday, May 18, in the United States.

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