10 X-Men we want to see make their big screen debut in the MCU

X-Men members
Daken, Northstar, Aurora, and Polaris in The X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

The X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although fans might need to wait until Phase 5 to see them.

Whether there is a movie that resurrects the mutants for the MCU or a Disney+ series, there is no way Marvel will wait too long to bring the popular characters back to life, but with a very different look likely.

However, there are arguments that the MCU should not retread the same mutants and stories that Fox already told.

The first X-Men trilogy included characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue, Professor X and Magneto.

The prequels then brought in a lead cast that included Professor X. Magneto, Mystique, Beast, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and more.

X-Men: Days of Future Past even combined all the characters. Deadpool even brought in Colossus, Domino, and Cable.

However, there are still some great mutants that have not made their way to the big screen.

Here is a look at 10 mutants the MCU X-Men movies could introduce to the movie world for the first time.


Northstar and Aurora in the X-Men
Northstar and Aurora in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe really wants to have a fresh start with the X-Men, they should bring in fresh and new characters.

An idea is that the MCU could choose not to start with the X-Men and instead use a different mutant team. X-Factor Investigations could be perfect, especially as a Disney+ series.

If the MCU sets X-Factor up as a team that saves young mutants in danger as they originally did in the comics, it could introduce the idea of mutants appearing for the first time.

Northstar is the current leader of X-Factor Investigations and could be a great new character to bring into the MCU. He is a complex character, arrogant and assured in his skills.

He is also a married gay man and brings much-needed diversity to the X-Men world, an important aspect of the original purpose Stan Lee created.


Aurora in the X-Men
Aurora in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

If Northstar appears, his twin sister, Aurora also needs to be there.

Aurora is another complex character, sharing similar powers to her brother (photokinesis). She is also someone who suffered through childhood trauma and ended up with multiple personalities as an adult.

Her appearance could also lead to the debut of a very popular mutant in the X-Men’s world, as she is dating Daken in the comics.


Daken in the X-Men
Daken in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

Daken would be tough for the MCU to explain. He is Wolverine’s son, albeit one that Logan never knew existed.

As a result, Daken grew up hating his father and wanted nothing to do with Wolverine or the X-Men. However, in later years, he finally came to terms with his status as a mutant.

While he still has no use for Wolverine, he accepted a role as part of X-Factor Investigations.

Daken has the same powers as his father, including the claws and regenerative healing factor.

As a wildcard when he first appeared in comics, he could be the next generation’s answer to Wolverine.


Polaris in the X-Men
Polaris in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

Polaris appeared on television in the series, The Gifted.

However, she has yet to appear on the big screen, and like Daken, she has a connection to the X-Men already introduced in the Fox X-Men movies.

Polaris is Magneto’s daughter (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are NOT Magneto’s children, despite many fans still believing they are).

As Magneto’s daughter, she possesses powers of magnetism, although not at the same level as her father. She was also part of X-Factor, although she was just named as part of the new X-Men team in the comics.


Forge in the X-Men
Forge in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

Forge appeared in the X-Men cartoons, so at least the fans of the animated shows will know who he is.

Forge is a brilliant scientist on the level of Tony Stark, but he has an advantage over Stark. He has the mutant powers of an intuitive genius, and his powers allow him to invent mechanical devices of all sorts without prior knowledge of them.

Forge is also trained in sorcery and is an accomplished, trained soldier. He could replace Beast in the new MCU X-Men movies as the brains behind the gadgets.

Hope Summers

Hope Summers in the X-Men
Hope Summers in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

Hope Summers is another second-generation mutant in the vein of Daken and Polaris, but one that would need a little more explaining.

As her last name shows, she is part of the Summers family, the adoptive grandchild of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor and adoptive step-daughter of Jean Grey.

This is complicated, but she is from the future. Hope was the first mutant born after Scarlet Witch used her magic to de-power most of the world’s mutants.

Cable saved her as a baby, believing her to be the mutant messiah who would save mutants and humans one day. Her mutant abilities allow her to control the powers of other mutants.


M in the X-Men
M in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

M is short for Monet St. Croix, a “perfect” mutant.

Her mutant powers allow her to represent what people consider the perfect human. She has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, senses, and intuitive ability. She also has a healing factor, can fly, is a telepath, has telekinetic powers, and can shapeshift.

Clearly, she is very powerful. However, she also has inner conflicts. An influential and powerful family raised her, but her brother, another mutant, turned her into his slave known as Penance when she refused to join him to conquer the world.

Kid Omega

Kid Omega in the X-Men
Kid Omega in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

If Marvel wants to bring in a character with a bad attitude, to give them an antagonistic member, Kid Omega is perfect.

At one time, Kid Omega was one of Marvel’s most hated mutants, as far as readers were concerned. However, in recent issues of X-Force, he has really come into his own as a nuanced and complicated mutant character.

Quentin Quire’s powers are telepathy, and he is one of the most powerful telepath mutants, although his uncertainty and fears often hold him back from being as strong as he could be.

He is also a super genius, which lends to his arrogance.


Legion in the X-Men
Legion in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

Critics and fans alike consider Legion one of the best comic book adaptations to ever appear on television. While never wanting to diminish that series, he is also someone who could work well in movies.

Legion is David Haller, the son of Professor X. He is also someone whose father neglected him most of his life and is an unhinged and dangerous mutant.

David has multiple personalities, and each of these has different mutant powers. Depending on which personality is dominant, Legion is a telepath, has telekinesis, pyrokinesis, reality-warping, super strength, channeling energy, size alteration, time manipulation, and much more.


Krakoa in the X-Men
Krakoa in the X-Men. Pic credit: Marvel

If the MCU wants to bring in the X-Men and have them appear as they do in the comics, they need to introduce Krakoa.

Krakoa is a sentient island and was the island that captured the original X-Men in the comics, causing Professor X to bring in the new X-Men (Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus) to save them.

Now, Krakoa is the island that all mutants live on and one that Professor X and Magneto worked to turn into a sovereign country with a table at the United Nations.

Having all mutants live on Krakoa eliminates the old storylines of the X-Men living in fear of the humans and opens up endless new storylines that could take the Marvel mutants in a brand-new direction.

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