Zendaya spotted heading out to lunch after showing off recent kitchen injury

Zendaya is spotted out after a public trip to the hospital. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Zendaya is on the mend after a kitchen incident left the actress in the hospital.

Shortly after she documented her cooking injury on her Instagram Story, a bandaged Zendaya braved the outdoors and let someone else do the cooking. Paparazzi caught up with the Italian Vogue covergirl, where she was allegedly grabbing a bite to eat with boyfriend Tom Holland and Tom’s brother, Harry.

It seemed that Zendaya’s eyes were bigger than her stomach because she carried a large to-go bag as she left the restaurant.

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Zendaya’s hair was in a middle part and appeared to be wet as if the actress had just hopped out of the shower. She went casual in a white t-shirt with graphic designs and black slacks.

Zendaya held a green juice in one hand, and a white takeout bag in the other. Her nails were long and black, and she sported a white bandage on her index finger.

The natural beauty wore a simple necklace and gold tennis bracelet.

Pic credit: ROKA/Backgrid

Zendaya completed the look with designer black and white sneakers as the bare-faced beauty kept it low-key.

Zendaya ends up in hospital after cooking accident

Zendaya documented her recent cooking mishap, and a Twitter fan account captured the harrowing tale. Zendaya posted a photo of her bandaged digit with blood soaked through the wrapping.

She wrote in the caption, “See now…this is why I don’t cook.”

Luckily, the damage appeared to be reparable, and she got some stitches and went on her way. She wrote in the IG Story, “Baby’s first stitches lol. back to never cooking again.”

Sticking to her word, Zendaya opted to eat out after her incident.

Zendaya graces the cover of Italian Vogue

Before she cut her finger while cooking, the actress appeared on the latest cover of Italian Vogue. 

Zendaya was styled by Law Roach and wore a Valentino gown, glittery eye makeup, and Bulgari jewelry.

She interviewed with Vogue Italia and explained how her life had recently changed after she became a household name.

Zendaya said, “Recently, I’ve had more of a change happening in regards to reactions when I meet people or how people interact with me on a daily basis because for so long I’ve been able to maintain a little bit of anonymity in a way where I could go off and do things and still live a pretty normal life.”

She continued, “I’m always adjusting to it and trying to be grateful for it all in the end because it means that people are clearly resonating with the work that I’m doing, and that means a lot to me.”

Zendaya’s cover of Vogue Italia is on stands now. 

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