Zach Wilson’s mom was lots of people’s ‘real MVP’ of the NFL Draft

Zach Wilson and his mom
Zach Wilson has been drafted for the NY Jets but the internet was far more interested in his mom, Lisa Wilson. Pic credit: ESPN College Football/YouTube

Former BYU Cougars quarterback Zach Wilson was drafted into the New York Jets on Thursday; however, it was his mom, Lisa Wilson, who turned heads and began trending on Twitter.

Some fans called her “the real MVP of this draft so far.”

Social media went into a meltdown when the camera operator at the NFL draft panned to the Wilson family, and America got a glimpse of Zach’s mom.

Backstage shots showed Lisa Wilson looking super proud and getting emotional when she realized her son was headed to the NY Jets.

Zach gave his mother a hug, and she got a little teary as she waited for her son’s name to be called out.

Zach was selected with the No. 2 overall pick to the Jets and was subsequently pictured holding up the green jersey; according to the New York Post, he said he was “ready to get to work.”

“There’s not another team I’d want to play for besides the Jets,” he said. “I’m going to give it everything I have and we’re gonna be a special team, baby. We’re going for the Super Bowl.”

Twitter just loved Zach Wilson’s mom

In the meantime, the internet went crazy for Lisa Wilson, Zach Wilson’s mom, with sports correspondent, Jack McGuire, being among the first to welcome her to New York.

As already mentioned, some viewers called Zach Wilson’s mom “the real MVP of this draft so far.”

Another fan joked about the camera operator focusing on Zach’s mom.

Another asked: “Hol’ up, that’s Zach Wilson’s moms???”

Lisa Wilson is super proud of son Zach

Judging from Lisa Wilson’s Instagram feed, the family is extremely sporty, and she is really proud and supportive of her son. There are a whole host of photos of the family watching Zach perform, but he isn’t the only footballer in the family.

Zach can be found on Instagram too, and his feed shows that he’s in a relationship. He recently posted a pic of himself with his girlfriend and wrote: “Lucky to have this one with me through it all!”

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