Kentucky Ballistics’ Scott says he’s ‘doing great’ following horrific injuries after his 50-cal exploded

Kentucky Ballistics on YouTube Channel
Kentucky Ballistics’ Scott says he’s “doing great” after his horrific injuries. Pic credit: Kentucky Ballistics/YouTube

Scott Allen DeShields, Jr. from Kentucky Ballistics says he’s “doing great” and that he’s going to “make a full recovery” after he was seriously injured when his 50-cal rifle exploded.

The YouTube star was hospitalized after the incident left him with a huge gash to his neck and chest and a punctured lung, as well as face and body injuries. It occurred while he was filming for his YouTube channel on April 9, 2021.

He has since posted online explaining exactly what happened, and also reassured fans that he’s going to be ok.

Commenting on his own video, Scott wrote: “Hey everybody! I am doing great and I’m going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!”

On Instagram, he explained that he had been shooting his Serbu RN 50 with 50 BMG SLAP ammunition at an old fire hydrant when unbeknownst to him, he used some faulty ammunition. He described the ammo as “overpowered” and wrote, “to my understanding, these were genuine military rounds, but apparently they had been tampered with.”

Kentucky Ballistics says it was a ‘freak accident’

In his YouTube video, a heavily bandaged and scarred Scott described the incident as a “freak accident” and claimed that there was nothing he could have done to prevent the rifle from exploding.

He also went into detail about his extensive injuries. The most serious injury occurred when a piece of metal lacerated his jugular vein. He wrote: “A one-inch piece of metal blew through my neck, lacerating my jugular vein and puncturing a hole in my right lung. My right lung would later fill with blood and collapse.”

Scott lost a lot of blood

The injury to his jugular caused him to lose a lot of blood; and he said that on the way to the hospital, he had his thumb “shoved into” the wound in his neck, which the doctors later said had saved his life. (In a nice twist, Kentucky Ballistics have just started selling “Just put a thumb in it” t-shirts online.)

Scott also sustained a number of other injuries to his face, head, and arm, among many, but he also says he’s healed really quickly and that he only spent eight days in the hospital. He wrote: “It’s been a couple weeks and I’m healing extremely fast. I came home in just eight days!”

Fellow internet gun enthusiasts sent their best wishes to Kentucky Ballistics in the Instagram comments, with Edwin Sarkissian writing: “We love you stay strong bro, been praying daily for your fast recovery. Stay strong u got our support here.”

Top Shot Dustin Ellermann wrote: “So crazy dude. So glad you survived.”

Also in the news this morning, five people have been arrested in connection with the robbery of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs and the shooting of her dog walker, Ryan Fischer.

Meanwhile, Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja, also known as El Risitas, or internationally as the man from the “Spanish laughing guy” meme, has sadly died at the age of 65.

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I suggest when buying questionable ammo, one weigh each round looking for sports.