YouTuber Yagami Yato responds to allegations of sexually grooming minors

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YouTuber Yagami Yato has been embroiled in controversy since accusations of child grooming emerged. Pic credit: Yagami Yato/YouTube

YouTuber Yagami Yato has spoken out about accusations of providing sexually explicit material to children and of grooming minors.

Yagami Yato is a voice artist who produces voiceovers for animation videos, usually from anime. Her popular YouTube Channel has over 800,000 followers.

Some of her work is considered to be NSFW (not safe for work), which has led to the recent controversy around accusations she has been promoting obscene material to children.

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Her Patreon account is for more explicitly adult work, whereas her YouTube Channel is meant for material appropriate for all ages.

Fuel was added to the fire a few days ago when an anonymous Twitter account referring to themselves as Yagami Yato Confessions claimed that Yato had groomed them when they joined her Discord server as a teenager in high school.

They claimed that Yato used many minors as her moderators.

Pic credit: @yagamiyatoconf1/Twitter

The account alleged that Yagami had used sexually explicit comments around them and had made light of their warnings to her that she shouldn’t market NSFW material to minors.

Pic credit: @yagamiyatoconf1/Twitter

The account also accused Yagami of sending them sexually explicit audios from her Patreon account. They also claimed that she began ignoring them once they turned 18.

Yagami Yato shut down social media platforms

After the allegations, Yagami Yato chose to either remove or lockdown all her social media accounts. She also released a lengthy statement on her YouTube channel.

Yagami started by apologizing to everyone who has been affected by the situation. She also thanked the fans who have decided to stick by her: “I appreciate you all and thank you for the time and support you’ve given me thus far.”

While admitting that she had made mistakes in the past, she denied all the accusations of grooming: “While I have unintentionally made transgressions in the past, these allegations are absolutely and unequivocally false.”

She also added: “I have never pursued a romantic or sexual relationship or tried to solicit anything from any of my fans.”

She then stressed that as an “influencer,” she will need to take more care in how her personal interactions with her fans are perceived. “I will be more mindful of my actions moving forward to further prevent incidents of this nature,” she wrote.

Finally, Yagami Yato stated that all her NSFW material will now be locked behind her Patreon account, which has adequate safeguards. She added that she would make sure that no explicit material makes it on to her YouTube channel.

Former fans hit out at Yagima Yato on Twitter

There has been a backlash against the YouTuber on Twitter since the allegations began. One person wrote that they felt “queasy” about the allegations, while others said they were pleased she had apparently deactivated her accounts.

Also in the news recently, another less controversial YouTuber, Jacksepticeye, announced that he would be taking a break from social media activities to mourn the death of his father.

Meanwhile, YouTuber and car guru WhistlinDiesel was hospitalized last month after he was hit in the head by a ricochet when practicing his target shooting.

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2 years ago

Her birthday is listed all over the internet as being October 24th 2001. When these allegations took place, she was still a minor. Anybody listening to old recordings posted before this persons 18th b-day = gross!

Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer
2 months ago

I don’t believe this. Let women have hobbies and lets all chill out with a nice choccy milk!