Jacksepticeye’s dad has died: YouTuber is taking a break from the internet

Jacksepticeye performs on his YouTube channel
Jacksepticeye announced that he’d be taking a break from online activities following the death of his father. Pic credit: @jacksepticeye/YouTube

YouTuber and popular gamer Jacksepticeye has announced that his father has passed away.

The Irish gamer, who’s real name is Seán William McLoughlin, also told fans that he would be taking a break from social media.

He did not go into any details as to how his father died.

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Last night Jacksepticeye took to Twitter to announce the sad news and to tell fans that he would be taking a break from online activities for a while.

He also asked fans to respect his and his family’s privacy.

He wrote: “My father passed away today. I won’t be doing anything for a while. Please respect me and my family’s privacy during this time.”

Pic credit: @Jack_Septic_Eye/Twitter

Thousands of fans sent their condolences; at the time of writing, he’d received over 20,000 messages. And his tweet had over 700,000 likes.

Fellow YouTubers rushed to send condolences

His fellow YouTubers and internet personalities were also quick to send their best wishes and condolences to this hugely popular internet celebrity.

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop was one of the first to send his sympathies. He wrote: “Dude, I’m so terribly sorry to hear this. Sending your family my love.”

Jack 'CouRage' Dunlop sent condolences
Pic credit: @CouRageJD/Twitter

Corpse Husband, a famous but faceless YouTuber who became famous for streaming Among Us, also sent his sympathies and said they were just a “call away” if he ever needed it.

He wrote: “Love you, man, I’m so sorry. A call away if you ever need it. Take your time; we’ll all be here.”

Pic credit: @CORPSE/Twitter

Valkyrae was one of many to send sympathies to Jacksepticeye

And Rachel Hofstetter, better known as Valkyrae, also sent her condolences. She also told him to reach out if he needed anything and described losing a loved one as truly one of the “worst experiences.”

She wrote: “I’m so sorry… losing a loved one truly is one of the worst experiences, but I always try to remember that it’s better to have loved than to never at all.”

Jacksepticeye recently hit Hollywood big time when he starred in Ryan Reynold’s movie Free Guy, which came out last December. He also had a voice acting role for the Q*Bert character.

In 2019, Jacksepticeye became the subject of one of the many twisted death hoaxes. However, he responded to the hoax in an amusing and innovative way; he went on Twitter to confirm that he had died.

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2 years ago

Hey, apparently people are making memes about this whole thing… could you possibly help promote awareness of anti-bullying or at least some sensitivity to the loss? Maybe condemn the reactions? I feel so bad for him right now as his video on the loss is now being plagued by bots and the like. It’s distressing fans and probably him as well too. I think this would be a good way to help make this point known that losing a loved one, unless suggested otherwise by the creator, is not something to make a joke on even in this time of levity against calamity. I don’t know who else to reach out to, and I’m not sure if the community will be able to take the mature path to confronting this disrespect. Just a thought, and certainly one that I just feel could help perhaps- I’m not sure though. Thank you for your time reading this, and thank you for showing the support Sean is getting during this time…. I don’t know what I’ll do when my own folks go which may be soon; my relationship with them is confusing to navigate… I hope this time will act as a learning point for me as well since I’ve never been to a funeral before.

2 years ago

I’ve been reporting some video’s and some channels, it’s truly horrific.
Like pus-filled boils on a hyperallergic face, they are shooting out of the ground, posting video’s that aren’t even coherent in the description, it seems like bots have made them.
Video’s with ‘Lol lol’ and ‘hurray he died’ and a videochannel with an exploded face, a video called; ‘What he will see in hell’ and ‘my retard son.’
So far, Youtube has allowed this to stay. It’s nauseating. Sure, any bit of backgroundmusic is enough to shut down an entire video, but this s**t is allowed?

A guy
A guy
2 years ago

I hate how some stupid idiots are spamming “jacks dad is burning in hell. The audacity. I wish they would all just shut up, some people have indeed, lost a loved one. Man, the insensitivity of some stupid people