Is Jacksepticeye dead? Watch the YouTuber respond to his death rumor

Jacksepticeye dead
Jacksepticeye responds to all the rumors about his death. Pic credit: Jacksepticeye/Youtube

Popular YouTuber Jacksepticeye responded to the rumor that he is dead in a creative way – by taking to his Twitter account to confirm the rumor.

However, fans continued to post condolences and death tributes; thereforeJacksepticeye has posted a followup video explaining what he believes to be the origin of the death rumors.  

Jacksepticeye says that he noticed several ‘RIP’ messages on the comments of one of his Instagram post and suspects that it was the origin of the rumors that he is dead. We previously reported on a similar hoax involving cosplay model Belle Delphine. 

This isn’t the first time Jacksepticeye had died, according to the internet. His was targeted in 2017 in a hoax that claimed that he died on his way to the grocery store when he saved a little girl from being hit by a car.  

It appears that death rumor targeting popular YouTubers is an attempt by hoaxers to draw visitors to a hoax website. 

The Jacksepticeye YouTube channel includes gameplay and comedy sketches. He has over 21 million subscribers on YouTube and over 11 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. 

In the video Jacksepticeye Is Dead, the YouTuber asks news commentary YouTuber Phillip DeFranco to interview him about his death to clear the air during the hilarious commentary. 

Jacksepticeye reads through several comments and articles about his death hoax in the video you can watch above. 

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