William and Kate’s Kensington Palace staff accused of briefing the press against Meghan and Harry

The Royal family at Buckingham Palace
The relationship between the Sussexes’ and the Cambridges has seriously soured in recent years. Pic credit: ©

The royal household at Prince William and Kate’s Kensington Palace has been accused of leaking information to the press about Prince Harry and Meghan by a royal commentator.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have long complained about intrusion from the press and have expressed irritation that they felt the Royal family didn’t do enough to protect Meghan from damaging stories leaked to the media.

BBC documentary has brought accusations of press leaks to the surface

This controversy has popped up again this week owing to the broadcast of a BBC documentary called The Princes and the Press. The show primarily focuses on Harry and William’s relationship with the press and contained claims that various households targeted Prince Harry and his American bride by leaking damaging info about the pair to reporters.

The program also featured a lawyer for Meghan Markle, who responded to allegations that the Duchess had mistreated Palace staff in 2018.

The documentary has been condemned in a rare joint statement by three royal households. Buckingham Palace, Clarence House (home to Prince Charles and Camilla), and Kensington Palace have all attacked the BBC, which they accused of promoting “overblown and unfounded claims.”

Royal expert said Kensington Palace cannot deny leaking to the press

However, royal expert Robert Jobson seems to have backed some of the claims and Harry and Meghan’s concerns. In an interview for the Australian news show, Sunrise, Jobson was asked if there was any truth to the accusations, and he responded, “Without a doubt.”

He further iterated: “I mean, yeah, absolutely, I mean, they can deny all they like until they are blue in the face nut there’s been an awful lot of leaking from…particularly from Kensington Palace about how things were developing.”

Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the rest of the family in England has been in a seemingly downward spiral for the last couple of years, and this seems unlikely to help matters.

From the perspective of the other side, Buckingham Palace is extremely worried that Sussexes’ will give another damning interview like the one with Oprah Winfrey or will write a tell-all memoir.

It was recently confirmed that Harry and Meghan would not return to England for Christmas, despite the poor health of his grandmother.

Prince William’s relationship with the BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, has also been very strained of late. The Prince is reportedly still angry about the revelations that reporter Martin Bashir lied to his mother, Lady Diana, to secure an interview in the 1990s.

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2 years ago

Nobody is surprised by this, racist royals with racist staff kinda like watcting the trump’s.