Why was Voyboy banned from Twitch? Here’s all we know so far

Voyboy addresses camera in video
Twitch has banned Voyboy, and no one really knows why. Pic credit: Voyboy/YouTube

Professional League of Legends player and streamer Voyboy appears to have been banned from Twitch.

However, it seems that nobody, including Joedat ‘Voyboy’ Esfahani himself, has any idea why he’s been banned.

And frustratingly, as is the norm with Twitch, the company has not released any information on why the decision was made.

It’s also not known if it is a temporary or permanent ban or if there’s something Voyboy can do to appeal the decision.

Last night Voyboy took to Twitter to tell his followers the surprising news. He had apparently just been streaming League five minutes before he was banned.

He tweeted to his nearly half a million followers: “Uhm. Was just streaming League five minutes ago when looks like my @Twitch account got banned…”

Voyboy has not once hit the headlines for any indiscretions, and he has never flirted with any controversy, so why on earth was he banned?

Voyboy tweets that he's been banned
Pic credit: @Voyboy/Twitter

So, why was Voyboy banned from Twitch?

Fans have come up with a theory as to what might have happened.

It does seem likely that Voyboy has run afoul of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). To put it simply, a DMCA violation occurs when you post or upload content, albeit accidentally or purposefully, without the original owner’s consent.

It’s reported that Twitch has recently begun cracking down on DMCA or copyright infringement violations, whether they come from streaming or from old clips on an individual’s channel.

Twitch recently sent out hundreds of notices to its users over the last month, asking them to check their channels for any copyright infringements.

It’s still somewhat unclear as to how Voyboy has gotten himself into trouble here, but maybe it’s because he shares music from various artists on his channel.

Ginx has stated that one Reddit user claimed: “I was watching at the end of his stream a couple of days ago and he said he got 1 DMCA and had to delete all of his VODs and was looking for a way to save them. If he procrastinated a few days on that then they would still be up.”

As yet, this is merely speculation, but it is a plausible reason why Voyboy might have been banned.

As a player, he has done his best to make the League of Legends environment a pleasant and safe one, and he has been described as a “beacon of positivity,” so it’s hard to see him being banned for any bad behavior.

Some fans have mixed opinions about Voyboy Twitch ban

Some fans have pointed out his good behavior on Twitter: “Wait wtf voyboy is literally the most PMA person in the league community.”

Tweet praising Voyboy
Pic credit: @muffinmannn_/Twitter

Although, some guys claim that he might have been a toxic influence after all.

One Twitterer wrote: “Sorry man you just were too toxic Unlike the other league streamers.”

Tweeted criticism of Voyboy
Pic credit: @IWDominateLoL/Twitter

Twitch is no stranger to a controversial banning

Earlier this year, DJ Akademiks claimed that Meek Mill got him banned for life from the streaming platform following a sexist rant that he made about Chrissy Tiegen.

Also, earlier this year, Twitch streamer Angelwalks shocked everyone when he announced during a Livestream that his brother Roberto Perez died.

A family member interrupted him, causing him to abruptly end the stream.

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Joseph Tremblay
Joseph Tremblay
2 years ago

Good article! but Christian Rivera is also an ex League of Legends professional and one of Voyboy’s good friends. His tweet was obviously sarcastic, so it might be missleading in this article.

seppe van breuseghem
seppe van breuseghem
2 years ago

The part of IWDominate is just hilarious. Previous teammate’s in a professional League of legends team and longtime friend. It’s obvious that he tweeted this to mock the reason why he is banned. As you stated in the article, he is one of the most positive anti-toxic LOL streamers out there.