Whoopi Goldberg reveals VR scared her: ‘I fell over’

Whoopi Goldberg
Virtual reality had an unintended side effect on Whoopi Goldberg. Pic credit: ©

Whoopi Goldberg’s stance against progressing technology continues to grow with her own experiences.

The co-host shared her terrifying experience with virtual reality on Tuesday’s Hot Topic panel.

Apparently, she gave some VR goggles a try via the immersive Oculus device, but it didn’t end too well for the talk show star.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the experience was “spooky” and terrifying for Whoopi — in her own words, even.

“I’ll tell you how spooky it is. I put it on and I was under the ocean, because I love all the ocean stuff, and something came swimming by and I forgot that I had these things on, and I got up so fast that I fell over,” the 67-year-old explained about trying out the Oculus.

She continued with a warning for anyone else looking to try VR goggles: “They tell you to give yourself a little bit of space. Just a little bit of space where, you know, don’t go beyond this. When something scares you, it’s like, oh my God, it just was a lot. You have to be careful with this stuff because you can really hurt yourself.”

This horrifying revelation came only days after Whoopi expressed her dislike of products like Amazon’s Alexa and other artificial intelligence (AI) products.

Whoopi Goldberg goes off against Amazon’s Alexa and AI

Besides a spouse, another thing Whoopi doesn’t want in her house is any sort of AI or technology that’s trying to outsmart her.

Apparently, the idea of having Alexa or other AI tools in her house makes the co-host uncomfortable, and she’d rather have those things stay far away from her.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Whoopi stated, “You know she is listening. I don’t want her in the house. I don’t want anything that is smart enough to lock me out of my house, I don’t want anything that won’t let me drive my car.”

However, Sunny Hostin wasn’t totally against the idea of using Alexa or AI and says she uses it in her own home for things such as raising or lowering the blinds.

This point did not sell Whoopi, who countered, “Let me tell you why it’s not good. She doesn’t know that if there’s a fire in the house, that she shouldn’t put the blinds down, she doesn’t know not to open the window. She doesn’t have the nuances.”

So what is good in the world of Whoopi?

Whoopi Goldberg defended Taylor Swift on The View

That’s right, Whoopi is a Swiftie.

Okay, maybe she’s not. But she still defended the country-pop singer on the show last month, noting that public scrutiny really means nothing.

Whoopi responded to a recent criticism from The Guardian, in which they said that the singer’s recent silence about political events is “loud.”

“You can’t be mad [at someone] because they aren’t doing it the way you think they should be doing,” Whoopi reasoned in regard to criticism against the singer.

“I do not think it is a smart thing to say to an artist, ‘This is the way you have to do it.’ … But what you can do is fight it in your way,” Whoopi later added when other co-hosts brought up the idea that Taylor should be more aware of the places she’s performing at and what laws are being passed.

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