Who is Mariah Malibu? Parents cut trust fund girl off for crazy spending, says Dr. Phil

Mariah Malibu appeared on Dr. Phil
Mariah Malibu, a rich young woman who appeared on Dr. Phil, wants to become the “most famous person in the world.” Pic credit: @mariahmalibuplease/Instagram

Mariah Malibu, a young woman who believes she’s “a star in the making,” recently appeared on Dr. Phil.

Malibu talked about her love for shopping and how she spends so much of her time shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. She told Dr. Phil that she is the “Queen of Rodeo Drive.”

Dr. Phil wanted to know what makes her the “Queen of Rodeo Drive,” and she explained that wearing a tiara makes her a princess. Besides, she shops on Rodeo Drive a lot, and she “rules the sidewalk over there.”

She said she makes about $60,000 a year. But she also makes additional income from the trust fund that she got from her parents after high school. The trust fund is about a million dollars, and she gets “like $200,000” from it a month.

Malibu bragged that she spends between $10,000 and $15,000 per week on shopping.

Malibu doesn’t have many friends

Although she is rich, Malibu doesn’t appear to have many friends. She blames the situation on envy and claims that all her friends feel threatened by her talent and success. Malibu explained that she’s had huge goals and dreams since she was a little child when she began singing and acting.

Although she admitted that she could be rude, Malibu thinks that a lot of people are jealous of her because she is so rich and can afford such a lavish lifestyle. Malibu claims she doesn’t care so much about making friends because her goal is to make money, not friends.

“They see my success, and they see that I’m a star, and they see that they can take that from me and try to, like, use that for their own well being.”

Mariah Malibu is aspiring to become like Paris Hilton and Anna Wintour

Malibu told Dr. Phil that she is aspiring to become a star like Paris Hilton and Anna Wintour. She wants to become the “most famous person in the world.”

She also revealed that her parents cut her off after she left high school because of her spending habits.

Dr. Phil pointed out to Malibu that she would quickly exhaust a trust fund of $1 million that pays her $200,000 a month. But Malibu insisted that the trust fund keeps getting replenished.

She expressed the hope that Dr. Phil would be able to help her find a balanced career life and social life.

Who is Mariah Malibu?

Mariah Malibu is a native of Los Angeles. She is an aspiring fashion designer who wants to become a celebrity like Paris Hilton and Anna Wintour. She admires the women because they are strong women who know how to create successful businesses.

But she still has a long way to go before she can claim to be a celeb, let alone the “most famous person in the world.”

She currently has only about 3,800 followers on Instagram, but she has been gaining more followers since she appeared on the Dr. Phil show. Some Instagram stars such as Brittany Renner have more than 5.2 million followers, while the supermodel Naomi Campbell has more than 8.6 million followers.

Malibu grandiosely describes herself as the “Hollywood’s New Princess” on her Instagram profile page. We also learn from her Instagram profile page that she is represented by NT Entertainment Group, founded by Nicholas Tetreault, according to the company’s LinkedIn page.

She has only a few photos of herself on her Instagram page, which is surprising for a young woman who thinks she is “Hollywood’s New Princess” and is aspiring to become the “most famous person in the world.”

However, she reveals that she has taken down several photos she posted to her Instagram, and she has also started another Instagram page titled Cult of Hollywood.

Mariah Malibu has a Twitter account with nearly 1,400 followers. She also owns a YouTube channel where she has posted just one video so far. She joined YouTube only recently on July 26, 2019.

In her only YouTube video, she tells viewers why Gucci banned her from their “trash store.” As of this report, the video has at least 13,000 views.

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