Who is Logan Henderson dating? Online video confuses fans but Big Time Rush star is not gay

Logan Henderson on the red carpet
Some fans thought a vial video suggested Logan Henderson was gay. He’s not. Pic credit: ©

Fans of actor and singer Logan Henderson were left confused after a TikTok video went viral that seemed to suggest that the Big Time Rush star is gay.

The Texan, who became famous playing the role of lovable rogue Logan Mitchell on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush from 2009 to 2014, has a long and checkered history of dating co-stars and models.

But fans began gossiping after a video emerged of him drinking a beer with another man.

TikTok user Miles, who has the handle @animelover6724, posted a video of himself and Logan sharing a beer at an outdoor bar.

The video was accompanied by the record Boyfriend by Big Time Rush. And this is perhaps where the confusion arises; the song contains the lyric “looking for a boyfriend.”

As the song plays, Miles points to Logan in a way that suggests they might be dating.

Fans of Logan Henderson were left confused by video

It certainly led to fans in the comments asking, “Whaaat?” One fan joked, “this is a big time surprise,” and another fan wrote, “I’m big time confused.”

When someone commented, “just two friends… they might kiss,” Miles responded by writing, “they did,” and with this being the internet, some fans thought he was serious.


big time boyfriend #bigtimerush #loganhenderson #loganhendersonismyidol

♬ Boyfriend – Big Time Rush

As it happens, Miles did set the record straight; he said they were just on their “weekly beer run.”

So, we can all assume that they were just two buddies hanging out.

The video made it onto Twitter, which again led to fans wondering, “is Logan Henderson gay?”

Fan asks if Logan Henderson is gay
Pic credit: @yugyeomspurpose/Twitter

And another fan demanded to know if Logan had a boyfriend or if Miles was just a friend.

Fan asks if Logan Henderson has a boyfriend
Pic credit: @eajuxu/Twitter

So, who is Logan Henderson dating?

It should also be acknowledged that Logan has a girlfriend named Jasmine or Jazzy for short. Very little is known about Logan’s actual girlfriend, but it seems that the pair have been dating since at least 2019.

Logan last posted a pic of the pair together in February when he wished his Jasmine a happy birthday. He captioned the pic: “Happy Birthday My Funny Valentine. I Love You.”


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And in October, Jasmine posted a couple of pictures of the couple cozying up to each other on a boat or a river. She had captioned the pic: “Missing those sunny, summer days with you!”


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In 2010, Logan dated Big Time Rush co-star Erin Sanders; the pair were allegedly caught kissing on a beach during a cast trip. He later dated actors Britt Robertson, Makenzie Vega, and Katelyn Tarver. In 2012 he was even linked with Demi Lovato.

In other news today, Dustin Diamond, who is best known for playing Screech on Saved by the Bell, has sadly been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Also in the news is actor Armie Hammer after rumors emerged that the Call Me by Your Name star appeared to endorse cannibalism.

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