What happened to Nipsey Hussle? Who shot him? Here are all the details we know so far

Nipsey Hussle
How did Nipsey Hussle die? Pic credit:  ©ImageCollect.comAdMedia

Tragedy struck this weekend as another young artist was taken too soon. Fans of Nipsey Hussle received the unfortunate news that the famous West Coast rapper was shot and pronounced dead on Sunday afternoon. While numerous reports are still making their way public, here is everything known so far about the rapper’s untimely death.

 How did Nipsey Hussle die?

According to reports, Nipsey Hussle was gunned down outside his clothing store named The Marathon located at Hyde Park around 3:20 P.M. on Sunday. The reports also indicate two other people were shot alongside the rapper and were also sent to the hospital.

The store is located around the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard. Here is the statement from the LAPD:

About an hour later, Nipsey Hussle was pronounced dead from multiple gunshot wounds. No updated information as of yet on the other two people who were injured in the shooting.

Who shot Nipsey?

TMZ has multiple updates about the possible suspects involved in the shooting. Around 5 p.m. the same day, the police department was searching for a black male in his 20s and not long after they said the shooting was “gang-related.”

The law enforcement investigating Nipsey Hussle’s death also said the suspect approached the three victims on foot near the store before firing several rounds. Soon after, the suspect was said to jump in a nearby car with a getaway driver.

Here is where things get strange. On the same day, an artist named Cinco was broadcasting live on Instagram when a user named @gasstongbo jumped on the live stream and claimed to be the shooter. In the video, the guy boasts that he walked upon Nipsey in front of his own daughter and says he killed him in front of her. Nothing is confirmed as of yet to prove @gasstongbo is, in fact, Nipsey’s killer.

The video cannot be found on Cinco’s Instagram page but here is footage uploaded on Youtube. The user pops on the live feed around 1:39.

There’s also a conspiracy brewing online involving a possible connection to a documentary the rapper was working on involving Dr. Sebi which can be read about here.

Needless to say, the details surrounding this unfortunate event are becoming stranger by the moment.

Nipsey Hussle’s last moments before the shooting?

The night before he was shot Nipsey was enjoying the March Madness mayhem Saturday night.  The last public photos show him sitting courtside during the Texas Tech vs. Gonzaga University game in Anaheim, California. Just like the rest of us, he was one of the many enthralled by the game that Tech eventually won.

On top of this, his very last tweet was one that raises curiosity. Shortly before his death, Nipsey took to social media and typed the words, “Having strong enemies is a blessing.” Whether this was him predicting his own attack is unclear but the timing is more than curious.

Further reports from law enforcement also say that the acclaimed rapper was scheduled to meet with the city police chief Monday, April 1st to discuss ways to solve gang violence. The president of the Los Angeles Police Commission said to ABC News, “We’re talking about programs to help underserved kids, to keep kids out of gangs. And this was his idea. We’ve been working on this meeting for three months. How I wish it would have been on Saturday.”

While he did not win a Grammy, his first major studio album Victory Lap was nominated Best Rap Album of the Year in 2019. He was known for being a strong influence and pillar in his community and also for helping out those in need.

Nipsey Hussle is survived by his two kids, one of which he had with his current girlfriend Lauren London.

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