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Wendy Williams calls out ex-husband Kevin Hunter’s baby mama: But who is Sharina Hudson?

Wendy Williams on the red carpet
Wendy Williams has called out Sharina Hudson on her show for having an affair with ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Pic credit: ©

Talk show host Wendy Williams shocked fans by calling out and name-checking Sharina Hudson, the woman who had an affair with her now ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

Williams has been fairly open about her troubled marriage to the TV producer, and she’s stated that she was well aware of his infidelities. However, this was the first time she openly called out Hudson, the object of her ex-husband’s wayward desires.

The 56-year-old has accused Hunter of being unfaithful multiple times during their 22-year long marriage, yet she stuck by until 2019.

Williams decided enough was enough when her husband impregnated Hudson, so she showed him the door, ending their 25-year relationship.

On her show yesterday, Williams was discussing her upcoming biopic about her life, Wendy Williams: The Movie, when she shocked viewers (and her producers) when she suddenly name-dropped Hudson and took aim at Kevin.

Wendy Williams called out Kevin Hunter’s baby momma

Wendy said: “Welcome to ‘Hot Topics,’ Sharina Hudson…” She sipped from her mug as the audience gasped.

“Getting out of my car with my money,” she continued causing audience members to cheer. She then referenced the baby, “Good morning, Journey. I think she’ll be three next month, don’t ya know.” Cue awkward gasps from the audience.

“Good morning, Kelvin. It’s my truth,” she said, referring to her husband’s legal name. You could cut the tension with a knife.

She has previously spoken about how she doesn’t associate with Hudson or the baby and doesn’t know anything about them. Earlier this month, she told ET that she hasn’t met Hudson’s daughter and doesn’t want to either. “I don’t want to know her,” she claimed. “She’ll want to meet me first, though.”

The Shade Room posted pictures of Wendy and Kevin in happier times

So, who is Sharina Hudson?

There is surprisingly little information to be found on Sharina Hudson. She is not a celebrity figure and was completely unknown until her relationship with Kevin Hunter was made public. And she doesn’t maintain a visible social media presence.

The pair have kept their relationship very quiet and away from the public’s prying eyes (for understandable reasons,) but there have been reports that they’ve been an item for over a decade.

The 33-year-old Sharina reportedly hails from North Carolina, where she studied massage therapy, which she later made into a career.

She currently lives in New Jersey but is thought to have provided massages to Hollywood’s rich and famous, which is perhaps how she came into contact with Hunter.

Sharina is thought to have given birth in March 2019, and she and Kevin are still together.

You can check out Wendy slamming Sharina and Kevin on her show from about the fourth minute in the video below.

Wendy Williams has said she expects to still see Hunter in her life from time to time. The pair have a son together, Kevin Hunter Jr., and Wendy acknowledged that she expects to see his father at his graduation.

However, she reiterated that doesn’t want Hunter to bring along Sharina or the baby.

In May 2019, it was reported that Kevin Jr. was arrested after punching his estranged father in the nose during an argument in a New Jersey parking lot. However, Kevin Sr. decided not to press charges.

A couple of weeks ago, Wendy was in the headlines after news emerged that the controversial host wants to join the cast of the rebooted Real Housewives of Miami. It. Would. Not. Be. Boring.

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