Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath returns to social media with a post about battling depression and suicidal thoughts

Olivia Plath on Welcome to Plathville.
Olivia Plath returns to social media. Pic credit: TLC

Olivia Plath has returned to social media following a hiatus she announced last month. Things haven’t been easy for the Welcome to Plathville star, something she addresses in her most recent Instagram post.

Things got intense for Olivia Plath when Welcome to Plathville began to air. She took criticism from every direction, and some of the comments were incredibly harsh.

Olivia revealed that she had battled depression and suicidal thoughts regarding things that have happened to her. There were no specifics given, but after the events over recent months, some believe it may have been recently.

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There was plenty of tension between Olivia Plath and her in-laws, Kim and Barry Plath. She is more worldly than the rest of the children. Her marriage to Ethan changed things, and her in-laws were concerned about her influence on the other children.

Olivia and Moriah Plath bonded, and on the season finale of Welcome to Plathville, she bought her sister-in-law a one-way ticket from Georgia to Minnesota.

Welcome to Plathville has not been canceled or renewed yet, but TLC viewers are hoping it will be back.

Olivia Plath has posted on social media and kept fans updated. When she announced her break back in December, she revealed that things from the show caused her stress.

Olivia was not expecting what happened when the show aired, and taking time for herself was necessary.

It appears both Olivia and Moriah Plath are still incredibly close. They may have even spent the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 together.

Olivia mentioned a beach getaway, and Moriah shared a photo talking about the new year while at a beach. These two have an incredible bond, and it was a huge point of contention on Welcome to Plathville.

Hopefully, Olivia Plath is doing better and will continue to share updates on her and Ethan moving forward.

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