Watch Kid Cudi storm off stage mid-show after being pelted by water bottles

Kid Cudi spiderman
Kid Cudi on the red carpet of Spider-Man: No Way Home at the Regency Village Theatre in 2021. Pic credit: ©

Kid Cudi angrily walked off stage after being pelted with water bottles and other items from the crowd on the first day of the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami.

The 38-year-old rapper replaced his former friend Kanye West as the headliner of the popular festival.

It appears disgruntled Ye fans were responsible for attacking the popular hitmaker as he performed on stage.

In February, Kanye called out Kid Cudi over his friendship with Pete Davidson. Furthermore, Mr. West removed his former artist from Donda 2 as their feud escalated on social media.

The Day ‘n’ Nite rapper said that Kanye is no longer his friend and will no longer collaborate with him after a previously recorded song with Pusha T was released.

The pair of Hip Hop icons were friends and musical collaborators for over 15 years.

Kid Cudi storms off stage after profane warning to the audience

After being hit with a water bottle while performing his hit song Marijuana, Cudi understandably lost his cool and threatened to end his set if audience members kept throwing items at him.

“I will f***ing leave. If I get hit with one more f***ing thing—if I see one more f***ing thing on this f***ing stage, I’m leaving,” he said, continuing: “Don’t f**k with me.”

The crowd continued throwing items and water bottles at him and Cudi stormed off the stage without looking back.

The video has been viewed over 6 million times and it has been shared on other social media platforms.

In another video, audience members made it clear that they were Team Ye as they could be heard chanting “Kanye” after Cudi left the stage.

West later made a surprise appearance during Lil Durk’s set after refusing to headline the event in protest of Travis Scott not being allowed to perform.

Ye performed Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 from The Life of Pablo with the pleased crowd rapping every word.

Twitter defends Kid Cudi, blasting Kanye fans for pelting him

Social media generally reacted negatively to the video with most agreeing that the beloved rap artist did not deserve to be heckled by the crowd.

A Twitter user said the crowd should be ashamed of their behavior.

“The Kid Cudi hate is truly embarrassing and sad af. Dude don’t deserve any of that just because your favorite artist refused to show up,” the person wrote.

Another reaction to the video pointed out that Ye performed a song that features Kid Cudi while summing up the bizarre incident.

“So you’re telling me that Kanye ‘pulled out’ of rolling loud 4 days before. Got replaced by Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi got booed off stage and then Kanye showed up anyways to Durk’s set anyways and immediately performed one of the biggest songs he has with Cudi’s chorus. Jesus Christ,” the tweet read.

A Twitter user put Ye’s fans on blast, calling out their hypocrisy when it comes to bullying and mental health.

“It’s crazy to me when Kanye west fans used Kanye’s mental health as a shield when he would do terrible things but then turn around and do this … ” the person tweeted.

Neither Kid Cudi nor Kanye released a statement following the Rolling Loud incident.

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