Warren Buffet says Princess Diana thought Bill Clinton was the ‘sexiest man alive’

Princess Diana attends a glamorous function
Princess Diana reportedly thought Bill Clinton the sexiest man alive. Pic credit: ©

According to billionaire Warren Buffet, Princess Diana admitted to thinking Bill Clinton was the ‘sexiest man alive.’

The fourth richest man in the world claimed in an interview that he had met with the Princess of Wales on at least two separate occasions, and on the second meeting, she had revealed that she was a bit smitten with the 42nd president of the United States.

Buffet first made this bombshell announcement back in 2012 during an interview with CNBC, which has recently resurfaced.

In the interview, Buffet admitted that having money doesn’t save you from awkward social moments, as he stated he was lost for words the first time he met Lady Di.

He said he found himself alone with the Princess in a library and, “I couldn’t think of anything to say, and it was a total disaster.”

However, Buffet got a second chance to make an impression as he met Diana once again at a party hosted by the former head of the Washington Post, Katherine Graham. He said this was just a few weeks before Diana died in 1997.

Bill Clinton ‘sexiest man alive’?

According to Buffet, the Princess told everyone seated at the dinner that she had visited the White House earlier in the day and that she had concluded: “Bill Clinton was the sexiest man alive.”

Pic credit: ©

Bill Clinton was president from 1993 to 2001, and he had quite the reputation as the ladies’ man. It’s unknown if the President felt the same way about the Princess.

When Diana died in Paris in August 1997, Clinton sent the following condolences: “Hillary and I knew Princess Diana, and we were very fond of her. We are profoundly saddened by this tragic event.

They concluded: “Our thoughts and prayers tonight are with her family, friends, and especially her children. First Lady Hillary Clinton attended the funeral.

Royal Family stays close to US Presidents

The Royal Family has always tried to maintain a close relationship with American presidents, and on some occasions, they have even been related to the leaders of their former wayward colony.

Princess Diana was actually 11th cousin, twice removed to the 43rd president of the United States, George W. Bush. And her former husband, Prince Charles, was reportedly close friends with George H.W. Bush Sr.

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson is a seventh cousin, seven times removed from the sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams.

In other Royal news this week, yesterday, the Family posted some adorable pics of their winter country retreat at Sandringham Estate, which showed the gorgeous grounds coated in a fresh snowfall.

Across the pond in LA, Prince Harry got together with commoner and famous entertainer James Corden to record an episode of carpool karaoke on an open-topped double-decker bus. As you do! Can’t wait for that one.

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