Victoria Justice claps back over Ariana Grande ‘jealousy’ rumors

Victoria Justice Ariana Grande
Victoria Justice addressed Ariana Grande ‘jealousy’ rumors. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Victoria Justice is clearing up rumors of alleged jealousy against former co-star Ariana Grande.

According to Victoria, rumors about her feelings toward Ariana were just that — rumors. 

The Victorious star was on hand at Coachella, where she dropped by a booth and spoke with E! News. 

Victoria has been busy releasing music and promoting her new content.

In addition to promoting her new music, the singer and actress took the time to debunk a common internet rumor suggesting she was jealous of Ariana.

Ariana and Victoria were co-stars on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, as Tori Vega and Cat Valentine.

While Victoria played the titular role, Ariana was the undeniable breakout star. She later snagged more work on Nickelodeon with another show called Sam & Cat. After that, Ariana landed another role — that of an international pop superstar.

Victoria Justice shuts down Ariana Grande jealousy rumors

Some people have speculated that Victoria was jealous of Ariana, and clips have gone viral on social media that many interpreted as proof.

But Victoria shut down such theories nearly 10 years after the alleged rift began.

The singer told E! News that she didn’t want to talk about the gossip, but she went on to share her side of the story.

According to Victoria, she and Ariana texted, showing the rumors were untrue.

Victoria shared, “I feel like it’s this constant story of the media and people wanting to put people against each other, and it’s just so not even relevant right now.” 

She also said that it was “so dumb” and “so stupid” that the Ariana rumors were still a story 10 years later.

As Victoria revealed, she and Ariana were on Nickelodeon until 2013. 

So some may wonder why the Ariana rumors have persisted.

Where did Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande jealousy rumors start?

Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande jealousy rumors started when a clip from Victorious resurfaced.

The clip has appeared in various forms on social media, resurging in popularity from time to time.

The video showed four Victorious cast members revealing fun facts about each other as promotional content for the show.

In the clip, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana’s current BFF, who played bully Jade West on Victorious, said that Ariana sang all the time. 

Elizabeth revealed that Ariana sang more than she spoke, singing many of her words.

Victoria declared with crossed arms, “I think we all sing.”

Some interpreted Victoria’s comment as shade or jealousy.

With Victoria clearing up the rumors again, she may finally put an end to the story.

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