Tori Spelling has 20-year-old breast implants replaced

Tori Spelling on the red carpet
Tori Spelling has finally had breast revision surgery to replace her old implants. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling has had her 20-year-old breast implants replaced in a procedure that she admitted was way overdue.

The 49-year-old actor had been planning, with urging from 14-year-old daughter Stella McDermott, to have her old implants replaced for a while now; however, she only recently decided to visit a doctor to get the process moving finally.

The news finally came that Spelling was pushing ahead with the procedure on her show, Vizio’s @Home with Tori, when a recent clip showed Spelling and Stella visiting a doctor’s surgery to discuss replacing the implants.

And yesterday, Spelling confirmed she now has new breasts with an Instagram post.

Titling her post “Booby Bash 2022,” Spelling said her “expired, recalled, and no longer safe 20 year old breast implants” had been removed, and new ones put in.

Spelling thanked the “insanely talented,” “kindest,” and “handsome” Dr. J from Dr. J. Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, for performing the surgery.

Tori Spelling celebrated finally getting breast implants removed

The actor then said she threw a celebratory “all pink booby bash” at the exclusive Beverly Hilton hotel, which was thrown in honor of a friend and her cancer charity, We Got This.

The Instagram post showed a series of pics from the party, featuring Spelling posing in a pink dress with a cocktail, and one photo which showed her grasping her new breasts. And there was one of her planting a kiss on Dr. J.

Spelling discussed the procedure before surgery on her show @Home with Tori. According to Us Weekly, Spelling told Stella in a clip, “I do need to get them redone. They’re expired, recalled. They’re 20 years past due.” Stella then urged her mom on, “You do. It can’t be healthy.”

Dr. J showed Spelling the new implants she’d be receiving and had her squeeze one of them, “think of it as a gummy bear,” he advised her.

Tori Spelling hadn’t realized her implants would expire

In February, the actor told E! News that she initially had implants when she “was really young.” She hadn’t realized there was an expiration date, and they’d need to be redone at some point.

Tori Spelling admitted that Stella was instrumental in her decision to get the surgery, “It really hit home for me when my daughter came to me and she’s like, ‘Mom, I’m concerned. You have put this off. You told me for years now that you need to get your boobs redone.'”

The FDA advises that complications from old silicone gel-filled breast implants can cause “implant rupture, wrinkling, asymmetry, scarring, pain and infection.” The organization also states that “one in two” patients may need to have their implants removed within ten years.

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