Today’s Dylan Dreyer throws script at Al Roker for embarrassing her during show

dylan dreyer face shot on nbc today 2023
Dylan Dreyer was fed up with co-host Al Roker embarrassing her during a Today segment. Pic credit: NBC

A recent segment on NBC’s Today had host Dylan Dreyer becoming irritated by her co-host, Al Roker, as he embarrassed her on air.

Dreyer is part of the morning program’s team alongside regulars Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin.

She also co-hosts a Today podcast with Roker on Sirius XM, discussing various topics.

She’d previously expressed her disgust over one of Roker’s food choices, but in the recent situation, she’d reached her limit and threw papers at Roker during the live telecast.

The latest moment featuring Dreyer and Roker occurred during an interview with Dreyer’s crush on Today.

The group spoke with heartthrob Mario Lopez, who has starred in Saved by the Bell, its college spinoff, and the newer reboot.

Today’s Dreyer throws paper at Roker after continued remarks

Last week, Today’s Third Hour had Mario Lopez in an interview segment, with Roker mentioning that the beloved actor has been on TV for 35 years.

Co-host Sheinelle Jones called him “One of my favorite humans, Mario Lopez.”

“He captured our hearts as everyone’s favorite jock AC Slater in NBC’s widely successful sitcom Saved By the Bell,” Dreyer said in the introduction, adding that he’s since gone on to podcast, appear in films, on Broadway, and Access Hollywood.

Roker also mentioned Lopez was part of the annual Christmas tree lighting event at Rockefeller Center, which several NBC Today stars hosted.

During the segment, they discussed how popular Saved By the Bell became and how it’s still a big deal years later. Lopez said he never imagined it would happen because it was a kids’ show.

Dreyer, seated next to Lopez for the interview, confessed she was one of those kids obsessed with the show. She admitted she even made up a dance to the show’s intro theme song.

“I don’t know if I-. No, I can’t do it, but I had a whole dance to the opening theme song,” Dreyer said, mentioning it was a routine that even included jumping over a couch.

Lopez said he wanted to see the dance, but Dreyer said she couldn’t.

As the theme music audibly played in the studio, Roker insisted that Dreyer show off her dance for Lopez.

“Come on! Come on! Come on!” Roker said, yelling at Dylan to dance.

“Here’s your chance to dance with Mario Lopez,” he said, with Dreyer seeming flustered.

“Please,” she said before throwing her papers at her co-host.

Mario suggested next time he could see Dreyer’s dance as Jones laughed and Melvin apologized for the chaos during the show.

“One more chance,” Roker said as he delivered an outro for the interview segment.

“I love Al,” Mario said, adding, “Next time,” as he gave Dreyer a friendly pat on the back.

Dreyer previously threw papers at Roker for a remark about her husband

The Mario Lopez segment was the latest instance of Dreyer becoming irritated or embarrassed by her co-host’s on-air comments to the point of throwing something at him.

In August, The Sun reported that a Today Third Hour episode featured Dreyer, Roker, and Melvin in a segment with entertainment correspondent Chloe Melas.

Melas’ husband, Brian, and son were also part of the segment. Brian was dressed in tight-fitting clothing, which prompted Roker to comment about his physique.

“You know what’s interesting – your Brian and Chloe’s Brian- very much the same physique!” Roker said, referring to Dreyer’s husband.

Dreyer became visibly irritated by Roker’s remark but offered a smile as she threw her papers at him across the desk.

“Did that paper cut you? I wanted that to paper-cut you!” Dreyer asked moments later.

Today’s Dreyer, who initially joined NBC News in 2012, is married to producer Brian Fichera. They share three children: sons Calvin, Oliver, and Russell James.

While the on-air instances featuring Roker’s joking remarks have seemed to bother Dreyer, it really appears to be good fun between the colleagues and friends.

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