Today’s Al Roker tells fans to ‘enjoy their time’ following return to Thanksgiving Day Parade

al roker on episode of nbc today program
NBC Today star Al Roker shared a powerful message with his fans after returning for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pic credit: NBC

After missing last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Al Roker returned for the annual event and seemed to be having a blast.

The NBC Today star hosted the event alongside his colleagues Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb after being hospitalized with health issues during last year’s edition.

That was the first time Roker wasn’t part of the event in 27 years, and his return was one of excitement for the popular weatherman and his fans.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Roker had fun presenting the various balloons, floats, and celebrities involved in the event, including yelling at the Good Burger Mobile during the parade.

The annual Thanksgiving parade was also memorable for Roker due to a particular family member attending for the first time.

Following the parade, the NBC weatherman shared an emotional message with fans and followers, encouraging others to “enjoy their time” while they can.

Roker shared a powerful message with fans after his parade return

Several days after Roker’s parade return, he shared a video on his official Instagram as he walked outdoors. Based on the visuals, it was a clear, beautiful, and cold day as Roker was bundled up in a heavy jacket and winter hat.

He confirmed that, as he revealed he was in the Hudson Valley for the scenic walk and mentioned it was “brisk” and “in the low 20s.”

“The sun is out. The lake is quiet, pristine, and I hope you’re enjoying yourself…getting a little time to yourself,” Roker said.

“Take the time, you know? Because that’s the one thing we don’t get more of. Just enjoy yourself, and you’ve got one more day if you’ve got this long weekend. Wooh! It feels good,” Roker said.

“Hope to see you soon. In the meantime, take care, and take care of each other,” he told his followers.

Roker’s message was well received by many of his fans and followers, as some stopped by the comments section to share their reactions.

“Al, I love your morning inspirational walks and talks,” one commenter wrote, with another saying, “loved you back at the parade.”

Several other fans commented “Good morning” while sharing their area’s latest weather or well wishes for the NBC Today star.

al roker fans react to video message after parade
Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

Roker celebrated his return to parade with family

Al Roker’s recent return for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade included his family members also partaking in the event.

Roker shared a photo from the parade scene, which featured balloons floating in the background. Roker posed with his wife and their son, Nicholas, on one side of the picture.

On the other side, Roker’s oldest daughter, Courtney, was next to her husband Wesley Laga. Sky Clara, Roker’s granddaughter, was strapped to Wesley’s chest, looking comfortable in a baby carrier.

“My little Sky’s first @macys #thanksgivingdayparade,” Roker wrote in his caption.

He previously talked about the exciting news about the arrival of his first granddaughter in a segment on NBC’s Today.

Roker showed some of the baby onesies he received for Sky Clara, including one that said “Al’s Perfect Sky” as a tribute to her weatherman grandfather.

This year’s parade likely brought a mix of emotions for the weatherman as he basked in the sights and sounds of the 2023 event.

Roker’s abrupt parade absence last year arrived after he needed to be hospitalized for blood clots in his legs and lungs. It marked the first time he’d missed the annual event since joining the coverage in 1995.

Following last November’s health scare, Roker also had a required knee replacement surgery earlier this year. He was eventually back on his feet and resuming his activities, including returning to work at NBC’s Today and taking regular walks outdoors.

The weather presenter previously credited his wife for helping him get the required medical assistance while he was dealing with and recovering from his health issues.

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