Today’s Al Roker reveals surprise guest during morning walk as fans question odd detail

al roker during nbc today appearance
Al Roker’s latest outdoor walk include a surprise guest and fans noticed a peculiar detail in his video. Pic credit: NBC

Today’s Al Roker ran into a surprise guest during a recent walk outside in the brisk New York weather.

The NBC personality recently took followers on his daily journey which often includes him sharing his thoughts as he enjoys the outdoor scenery.

Roker has been using his regular walks as a form of exercise following his health scare last November and surgery earlier this year.

He previously mentioned that he generally walks alone, mainly because he has his own pace and might be unable to keep up with others.

Roker also mentioned his wife and son as potential walking companions, although they are rarely seen in his video clips.

However, one of his family members became a surprise star in his latest video, leading fans to notice an interesting detail.

Al Roker runs into a surprise guest during his walk

Several days after returning to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade coverage on NBC, Roker uploaded a video on Instagram showing part of his outdoor walk.

Bundled up in a dark green hooded sweatshirt with a blue and gray winter hat, he told fans it was a beautiful morning, although brisk. He then interrupted his speech as he turned his phone’s camera to reveal a guest approaching him.

“Oh my gosh, as I walk along my road, who do I see coming in the opposite direction? And she’s on camera too,” Roker said as the video showed his wife, Deborah Roberts, walking toward him and recording part of her journey.

Roker and his wife said “hey” and exchanged a few other greetings as they walked past each other and down the road in the opposite direction.

“I hope you’re walking…either you’re doing it by yourself, or you’re with your group, your family, your friends. Just get it done. Have a great time. Getting ready to get back to work,” he said in his video clip.

He also cautioned fans to “just take it easy” with all the online shopping amid Cyber Monday and other sales.

“Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and we hopefully will see you,” he said before the video ended.

“You never know who you’ll run into while getting your steps. Hey, @starttoday_ family. Who did you come across on your #walkrun today?” Roker asked in the caption of his IG post.

Viewers questioned an odd detail about Roker and his wife

Man fans were happy to see Roker and his wife together while on their walks outdoors. However, several commenters also brought up a key detail about what they witnessed.

“What? You don’t walk together?” one commenter asked.

“Silly question- why don’t you walk together? Lol,” another asked.

al roker fans notice detail in walking video
Comments on Al Roker’s IG post. Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

Roker ultimately got into the comment section to answer that burning question many fans asked about him and his wife.

He indicated that while they start walking together, his wife goes for a run, and he walks. Roker told fans, “You do the math.”

al roker answers fan question about his daily walk
Al Roker’s social media response to follower comments. Pic credit: @alroker/Instagram

Last week, Roker was back in his regular spot on the NBC team covering the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC.

Roker missed the 2022 edition due to being hospitalized with blood clots, his first absence from the parade in 27 years. He has since recovered and has been going strong on Today and elsewhere.

Deborah shared a photo of herself and her husband from the NYC street with a balloon hovering behind them and crowds of onlookers nearby.

“I love a #parade Especially @themacysthanksgivingdayparade when @alroker is back in his spot. Happy #thanksgiving to you and yours. Just #gratitude #thankful #health,” Deborah wrote in her caption.

al roker and deborah roberts on walk during parade
Snap from the Thanksgiving parade. Pic credit: @debrobertsabc/Instagram

Roker’s return for the 2023 parade featured other family members there to celebrate the special occasion. It was also extra special because Roker’s granddaughter, Sky Clara, was there to see her first installment of the big event.

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