Today’s Al Roker bugs Scarlett Johansson about Marvel gig during segment

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NBC Today weatherman Al Roker asked Scarlett Johansson about Marvel work during a recent appearance. Pic credit: ©

Based on his recent segment with Scarlett Johansson, Al Roker is doing as much as possible to get details about upcoming Marvel projects.

Johansson, who starred as the comic book character Black Widow in multiple Marvel films, was a guest on NBC’s Today this week.

She stopped by the daily program to discuss her skincare line with Roker and his co-hosts.

In addition, Johansson helped Roker with his job on the show as they presented a special weather segment.

It featured a weather map that depicted large text for “Unseasonably Warm” and “Beneficial Rainfall” in different parts of the United States.

Additionally, several “Scarlet” locations were referenced on the map in Indiana, West Virginia, and Georgia. Roker told her these places agreed to add an extra “t” to the spelling of their names for 24 hours in her honor.

Scarlett Johansson discusses skincare and Marvel

As mentioned, Johansson’s visit with Today mainly was to discuss her skincare line, The Outset. She indicated the brand had a lot of great items for the holidays and mentioned that she and her husband, Colin Joust, share many of the products.

At one point, Roker mentioned that the SAG-AFTRA strike was over so Johansson could discuss her other career work. The Today star mentioned rumors about her and Marvel, even though he said her character, Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, seemingly died in Avengers: Endgame.

“I feel like that’s kind of the end, right?” she asked after the hosts suggested there might be a “loophole” for her character to be alive.

“Can there be like a vampire version of the character? Because I’m here for that…Like a zombie version, maybe,” Johansson joked.

Johansson told Roker she wouldn’t answer whether she’d been approached to reprise her role as Black Widow for Marvel, though.

She spoke about another project based on Disney’s Tower of Terror ride and said the script is being “polished” now that the strike has ended.

Al Roker bugged Scarlett Johansson about Marvel job

Roker then had Johansson help with the weather report, including the various locations named “Scarlet.”

Johansson pointed out sections of the country ideal for skiing and getting a tan for the Thanksgiving holiday. She also presented areas that she referred to as having a warm front, a cold front, and a “wavy front.”

“So, now that you’ve done weather, are you on your way to the Marvel set?” Roker asked Johansson, seeming to bug her about a possible job or to find out spoilers.

“Wait a minute. I thought we talked about this earlier, Al. I’m gonna need you to sign some paperwork,” Johansson joked.

Johansson last appeared in Marvel’s Black Widow, a film about events her character was part of with her family, including her sister Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh.

While Johansson hasn’t returned to any Marvel projects since that movie, Pugh returned for the Disney+ series Hawkeye and could take over as a newer Black Widow character in films and shows.

The Today hosts pointed out that Marvel comics can always find ways to bring back characters that seemed dead, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for Johansson to appear again in the role.

And while Roker did his best to get the details, there are no confirmations that the Black Widow star is in talks to return for any Marvel projects.

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