TikTokers blast woman for exposing her situationship with Zayn Malik

TikToker shares viral videos about Zayn Malik
TikToker goes viral for exposing Zayn. Pic credit: @samfisher98/TikTok

Zayn Malik has a reputation for staying super low-key. The former One Directioner has always been recognized by his fans for being that way.

He’s made it clear that he prefers to keep his personal business out of the spotlight. In fact, he rarely ever goes out in public.

Zayn seldom agrees to do interviews. Nor does he regularly sit down with the press.

Details about his private life are now allegedly being exposed by a woman on TikTok named Sam Fisher.

Since Zayn doesn’t open up about what happens in his personal life, the information she’s revealing about him is coming out of left field.

While Sam might’ve thought she would gain clout and notoriety for sharing these details, social media users are dragging her for it.

TikTokers aren’t happy with Sam Fisher

Sam shared a series of videos on her TikTok page that she claims highlight the details of her nine-month-long situationship with Zayn.

In the videos, she claims Zayn asked her to arrange threesomes around 40 times after learning about her bisexual orientation.

She says that at first, she struggled to find another woman to invite for a threesome – but eventually, she was able to.

Sam claims that after inviting an additional woman to join them in the bedroom, she felt Zayn gave the new girl more attention than her.

Then she complained the “PILLOWTALK” singer wouldn’t let go of the threesome topic by continually requesting similar arrangements.

In the first video that Sam posted on TikTok, she uploaded private DMs from Zayn that simply said “hi there” with a smiley face.

Then, she added a screenshot of her story views to prove that Zayn was watching her story from his official checkmarked account.

Her TikToks are full of what she labels as “receipts” proving her nine-month-long situationship with Zayn, including several screenshots of alleged text messages between them.

Backlash against Sam Fisher

When Sam first posted the videos, there’s a chance she assumed the public would instantly sympathize with her.

Instead, she’s been met with tons of negative feedback and backlash.

Some TikTokers are reaching out to Zayn in the comment section, saying they’d never expose him if they had the chance to hook up with him.

Others are saying she totally ruined her chances of being with him by putting his bedroom details on blast.

Others are describing her as embarrassing because they think she’s acting like a woman scorned now that her situationship with Zayn is over.

Some TikTokers are even commenting about how they understand why celebrities enforce NDA signings from people they socialize with.

Zayn has yet to respond to the drama, and Sam’s videos remain posted on TikTok for the world to see.

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