Zayn Malik unrecognizable with no beard, pink hair

Zayn Malik on the red carpet
Zayn Malik has changed up his look again. Pic credit: © Rivera/Acepixs

Zayn Malik is turning heads in a brand new photo that has him looking unrecognizable to fans that got used to his fully bearded, disheveled look.

The new look comes just one day after sharing another photo, which must have been a throwback since he had a big, bushy beard and dark hair.

Just a week prior, Zayn updated with a new photo, and in it, his beard was still there but clipped shorter than the bushy look he’s been sporting lately.

It seems that Zayn has been slowly getting fans ready to see his shaved face and new hair over the past few weeks, sharing photos here and there as the beard began to dwindle.

But clearly, no one expected him to shave it off entirely, which we see in this newest picture where the former One Direction star also shows off his baby pink hair.

This is the most Zayn has posted in recent weeks as he seemed to be staying away from social media after his breakup from Gigi Hadid and his drama with her mother, Yolanda.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are working on co-parenting after Yolanda Hadid drama

Last month, Monsters and Critics reported on Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s relationship status.

While the two are not back together after rumors that they were working on their relationship, it turns out they have been doing well in their co-parenting.

An Us Weekly source shared an update on the former couple, telling the site, “They’re not living together, but Zayn visits Gigi and Khai at the farm in Pennsylvania a lot when they’re there.”

It turns out that, despite the drama with Gigi’s mom, she and Zayn still have a good relationship, and even though they aren’t a couple anymore, they still care for each other very much, and they’re working together to make sure their daughter Khai has everything she needs, including both parents.

Zayn’s relationship with ex-bandmate Liam Payne is not so great

While Zayn Malik is working on getting along with and helping parent his daughter with Gigi Hadid, it’s not looking good for a future One Direction reunion.

While appearing on Jake Paul’s Impaulsive podcast back in May, Liam first took a shot at Gigi, suggesting that a tweet about finding a good man didn’t age very well in reference to her split from Zayn and the drama with her mom.

Then, Liam doubled down on the Zayn Malik shade, explaining there are “many reasons” that he doesn’t like his former One Direction bandmate.

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