TikToker is getting death threats after Billie Eilish middle finger over Oscars worst dressed list

Billie Eilish at the Oscars, inset TikToker Kolton Kephart
TikToker Kolton Kephart claims Billie Eilish fans are sending death threats. Pic credit: © Nelson/@koltonkephart/TikTok

Billie Eilish recently took aim at a TikToker who called her out as being one of the “worst dressed” at the 94th Annual Academy Awards earlier this week, and now, he says he’s getting death threats.

It all started when TikToker Kolton Kephart shared a video where he started out saying, “I hate to do it but here’s my worst dressed from the Oscars” before bringing up a photo of Eilish wearing Gucci at the awards show.

“I’ve had enough of her s**t,” he said as the image sat on a green screen in the background.

Eilish stitched the original video to her response, which included the use of her middle finger as she sat on the toilet. She captioned the reaction, “‘i HAVENT had enough of my s**t. i am s**tting right now.”

TikToker says Billie Eilish fans are sending death threats

Eilish’s edgy TikTok response has already racked up a whopping 29.4 million views, 5.2 million likes, and more than 80,000 comments as her fans and followers weighed in on her Oscars look at the “worst-dressed” reaction to it.

Kolton’s original video isn’t that far behind either, with 19.5 million views, 3.1 million likes, and nearly 35,000 comments. While some of the comments were in agreement over the Oscars looks, many of the others were Billie Eilish fans who took aim, with some of them even demanding that he apologize.

Either way, though, this has easily become Kolton Kephart’s most viewed TikTok video to date, and it’s given other videos on the account a boost in views too.

Unfortunately, many of Eilish’s fans also headed over to Kolton’s TikTok account with threats as the rising TikTok star claimed in a new video that he has begun getting death threats.

In the newer video, which now has more than 376k views, 35k likes, and 795 comments, he uses a Kim Kardashian audio that says, “So I gotta be real with you guys… you look like f**king clowns. Oh, I’m not f**king kidding.”

On the video itself, he wrote, “POV: Billie Eilish took a literal s**t on your viral video and now all her fans are sending death threats.” He didn’t tag Billie Eilish, but he did add her name as a hashtag.

Billie Eilish backlash doesn’t stop TikToker from taking aim again

Even with death threats coming in, Kolton Kephart hasn’t stopped sharing opinions about Billie Eilish’s outfits. In fact, he shared another video about it amid the backlash and is capitalizing off the now-viral video and the flood of views it is bringing in.

In a new video, he reminds Eilish of all the “wonderful things” said in the past and then took a moment to rate several of her headline-making looks. Kephart even called Eilish’s 2020 Oscars look “groundbreaking.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t comment on this recent look from Eilish, where she took a selfie while wearing rubber gloves and a headscarf.

Unsurprisingly, this new video is also getting a great number of views, having more than 335k hits in just 15 hours.

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