Billie Eilish gives TikTok critic the middle finger over Oscars’ worst-dressed list

Billie Eilish at the 94th annual Oscars
Billie Eilish isn’t here for the haters after her big Oscars win. Pic credit: © Nelson

Billie Eilish made a big splash when she hit the Oscars red carpet on Sunday night wearing a big, frilly black dress made by Gucci.

Eilish was a big winner at the awards show, taking home the Oscar for Best Original Song for the James Bond number, No Time To Die.

And while she didn’t make our worst dressed list, there has been a lot of chatter about what Eilish wore to the Oscars, with one TikToker putting her on their worst dressed list, even telling those watching, “I’ve had enough of her s**t” as a photo of the Happier Than Ever singer in her Gucci dress was displayed.

Billie Eilish responds to TikToker diss

It didn’t take long for Billie Eilish to see the TikTok diss on not only her Oscars dress but of her too and she was quick to respond.

Eilish took to her own TikTok account to stitch her response with the original video so that everyone knew exactly what she was reacting to. In the video, the 20-year-old music maker is sitting on the toilet. She quickly flashed a peace sign to the camera before folding one finger down and giving Kolton the middle finger.

She wrote, “i HAVENT had enough of my s**t. i am s***ting right now.”


#duet with @koltenkephart i HAVENT had enough of my shit. i am shitting right now.

♬ original sound – koltenkephart

Clearly, Billie isn’t entertained by this take and wanted to let her TikTok critic know what she thought of the hot take.

Billie Eilish wore Gucci for her second Oscars appearance

Billie Eilish was mostly praised for her ruffled black Gucci dress that she debuted during her red carpet walk at the 94th Annual Academy Awards show. She was on hand both as a nominee and a performer, as she and her brother Finneas O’Connell are the masterminds behind the James Bond song No Time To Die, which was on the soundtrack of the film of the same name.

The singer kept it simple, pairing a natural makeup look and minimal jewelry. It was a huge contrast from last year’s look where she showed up in a cream Chanel suit, long fingernails, fingerless gloves, her signature black hair with neon green roots, and much more jewelry.

Billie Eilish on the red carpet at the 94th annual Oscars
Billie Eilish made quite an impression in her ruffly, black Gucci dress at the Oscars. Pic credit: © Nelson

Eilish is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion and even recently posed in black rubber gloves and a headscarf for a selfie she shared on social media.

Earlier this year, she even went blonde, stunning fans with her new sexy look that included more skin-baring outfits and the addition of baby bangs.

With the Grammys coming up in just a few days, Eilish will undoubtedly debut another big look and we’ll be waiting to see if it makes any of the best or worst dressed lists.

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