This Kobe Bryant tribute Lamborghini is for sale at $170,000

Super fan pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with $170,000 Lamborghini
This Lamborghini in tribute to Kobe Bryant is selling for $170,000. Pic credit: Instagram/@Kobe24Lambo

You may be a fan of the late, great Kobe Bryant, but if you haven’t tricked out a car in his honor worth $170,000 then you can’t really compare to super fan, Joe Carbonara.

On January 26, the world mourned the passing of the talented basketball player, his 13-year old daughter and several others who died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

Unique tributes to Kobe

Since then, fans of the basketball legend have been paying tributes in their own unique ways with flowers, candles, jerseys, and artwork as they grieve the loss of the Black Mamba.

However this one may have taken the cake. Joe Carbonara paid tribute to the basketball player and his daughter Gianni by tricking out his 2015 Lamborghini Huracan in their honor.

The car, now dubbed the ‘Kobe24Lambo’, started out in a silver color but after taking it to X-Treme Graphics the company totally transformed it. Instead of silver, the car now features the LA Lakers team colors of purple, gold and black.

When the store’s proprietor, Steve Zielinski, found out that the job would be a tribute to Kobe Bryant, he didn’t charge for the job. Steve spent two days meticulously covering the car in the required Lakers purple and gold plastic and the outcome was phenomenal.

Now proudly featured on the X-treme Graphics Instagram page, the Kobe24Lambo also features a large mural of Bryant and his daughter on the hood of the car with a basketball hoop in the background.

The sides of each door features Bryant’s Jersey number 24, with a photo of Gianna inside the number 2 and an image of Kobe inside the number 4.

The car pays tribute to all the victims

Joe actually  paid tribute to all nine victims who sadly lost their lives in the helicopter crash. A section of the Lamborghini has the words “In loving memory of” along with the names of all the victims who died and the date of their death.

Joe showcased the unique car during allstar weekend which featured countless tributes to the late basketball legend as well as a moment of silence in his honor.

However, all the bells and whistles that went into this unique creation come with a hefty price tag — with the car for sale for a whopping $170,000.

Kobe24Lambo has its own Instagram page where interested buyers or fans of the star can view images and videos of the car in all its glory.

Carbonara says that the Lamborghini is already being requested for use in music videos, and he will continue to showcase the vehicle at special events until it is sold.

You can view this stunning vehicle on Instagram @Kobe24Lambo and @xtremegraphics.

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