The Challenge: All Stars 4 release date: Tina Barta shares why spinoff might premiere after USA Season 2 ends

tina barta in promotional video for the challenge all stars
The Challenge OG Tina Barta thinks might know why All Stars 4 is taking so long. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

There’s no shortage of content for fans of The Challenge as seasons continue to arrive on various platforms. MTV presented The Challenge: Ride or Dies final several months ago, followed by a two-episode reunion.

Soon after, The Challenge: World Championship premiered on Paramount Plus, giving viewers 12 episodes released individually every week. The World Championship final wrapped up this past Wednesday, bringing that season to a close.

Before fans had time to catch their breath, The Challenge: USA Season 2 was officially announced, with TJ Lavin appearing in a teaser trailer to let fans know it’s on the way.

Based on the trailer, there’s no official premiere or release date for the CBS spinoff show yet, beyond this summer, which is about a month away.

However, the arrival of the USA 2 teaser trailer confused many fans, as the show is still filming episodes based on online spoilers.

Meanwhile, The Challenge: All Stars 4 is believed to have already completed filming all of their footage, prompting many to wonder why it isn’t coming out first.

Tina Barta comments about the long wait for All Stars 4 season

With All Stars 4 already filmed, it would seem that the spinoff show would arrive on Paramount Plus right after the conclusion of the World Championship. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Tina Barta, who appeared in two seasons of the All Stars spinoff, commented about the long wait, suggesting that her fellow OGs in All Stars 4 gave lots of footage to go through when editing for the episodes.

“I think that #TheAllStarsChallenge4 is THAT F***ING GOOD. Maybe we gave them so much content that it is hard to sort through the ‘bull**t’ storylines,” she tweeted, including a hashtag for #TinasThoughts.

tina barta comments on the challenge all stars 4 season
Pic credit: @TinaBarta/Twitter

Multiple fans replied to Tina’s remark on Twitter, with the OG replying to one who asked if “they’d make us wait until after USA 2 premieres” before they release the All Stars 4 episodes.

“Yes they would. Yes…..they absolutely would,” Tina replied with a winking emoji.

tina barta comments about long wait for all stars 4 season
Pic credit: @TinaBarta/Twitter

What could be delaying The Challenge: All Stars 4 release date?

The upcoming fourth All Stars season has yet to get mentioned by The Challenge’s social media or Paramount Plus in any capacity, whereas the USA spinoff’s second season already has. However, there have been rumors and spoilers online regarding All Stars 4.

The show’s cast could be one of the reasons for the wait, as it includes some star power that many fans will wait to see. Like previous All Stars seasons, several OGs will return to the show after some time away from The Challenge, and this particular cast is another exciting group.

In addition, there were rumors with possible spoilers about some rather “intense” arguments between castmates over some heated topics. Editing might be no easy task, as Tina suggested, based on figuring out the best ways to present these topics and arguments in episodes, which typically arrive uncensored on Paramount Plus.

In addition to all of that, the ongoing writers strike could be another reason. It can affect a lot of programming on television, including late-night shows, daytime talk shows, and primetime TV series. CBS may even be forced to push back The Challenge: USA 2, hence the lack of any concrete release date.

Meanwhile, All Stars has been exclusive to Paramount Plus, a streaming platform. Having both of those seasons ready to go might make it easy to shuffle things regarding which Challenge shows arrive when.

The best guess right now is that All Stars 4 will arrive in the fall, following this summer’s announced release of The Challenge: USA 2. Fans are definitely eager for the OGs to get back into the competition and to see if the fourth season lives up to all the online buzz it’s generating.

The Challenge: USA Season 2 premiere date is TBA for CBS. The Challenge: All Stars Seasons 1-3 are available on Paramount Plus.

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