T.J. Holmes admits to ‘pounding vodka’ and ‘weed edibles’ during ‘dark’ time in affair scandal with Amy Robach

tj holmes face shot selfie from instagram
Former ABC anchor TJ Holmes recalled a “dark” period amid his affair scandal with Amy Robach. Pic credit: @officialtjholmes/Instagram

Former GMA3 host T.J. Holmes said he experienced a “dark” period in the drama surrounding his affair with Amy Robach and them losing their jobs with ABC.

Holmes revealed that he turned to alcohol and weed during that time, and it caused some serious concerns for Robach to the point a “welfare check” was required.

The duo shared the details during the premiere episode of their new podcast, Amy & T.J., earlier this week.

Their podcast debuted one year after they’d been taken off the air at ABC as headlines were running about their affair, which was brought to light by an unnamed publication’s article.

Holmes and Robach, who are still dating, told their story about what unfolded between them and the aftermath of the affair that cost them their jobs.

It included an emotional recollection of Holmes going through his rough time and Robach bringing her father to find the man she loved “incoherent.”

Robach and Holmes recall his ‘dark’ time amid affair scandal

Early in the debut episode of Robach and Holmes’ new podcast, Holmes referred to them as “the folks who lost the jobs they love because they love each other.”

The former ABC anchors were discovered as having an extramarital affair late last year. At the time, they were each married, with Robach married to actor Andrew Shue; and Holmes married to attorney Marilee Fiebig.

Their affair became a major story and ultimately resulted in ABC taking the GMA3 co-hosts off the air, suspending them, and eventually terminating them.

The duo remained quiet in the aftermath until Tuesday, December 5. A year after being suspended by ABC, they spoke about their never-shared-before story on their podcast’s premiere episode.

While they admitted they’re very happy together now and have learned not to fear being out in public together as much, they acknowledged there were some rough times during the past year after their affair was made public.

At one point, Robach brought up a “terrifying” time during the past year as she had to do a “welfare check” on Holmes.

Robach explained that one day Holmes had sent her messages in the “past tense,” and she couldn’t reach him, causing her to become “so afraid that he had done something.”

She said she had her dad go with her to check on Holmes, and they had the doorman help them to get inside.

“You were just splayed out on your bed. I ran to you and said, ‘T.J.,’ and you didn’t move. It was the most awful thing having to touch your body and see if you were warm. I was so afraid. You were just incoherent,” Robach said of the incident.

Holmes added, “That day was essentially me getting off work and pounding vodka. I didn’t stop for several hours and took who knows how many weed edibles.”

Former GMA3 co-hosts are now ‘happier than ever’

During the drama surrounding their affair scandal, Robach also had her share of tough times, recalling many times she “wanted to die.” She explained that was “something I never experienced before in my life.”

“I just didn’t want to get up. I didn’t want to see what new headline was going to be out there,” Robach said.

However, the couple endured those tough times together and have continued dating. Robach has finalized her divorce from Shue. A certificate of dissolution was filed for Holmes and Fiebig’s marriage, but divorce judgment and settlement papers are still pending.

Interestingly, there are recent rumors that Shue and Fiebig are dating as they became close over the shared experience of being cheated on.

Robach and Holmes plan their lives together as they release their weekly podcast episodes. There’s even speculation the couple might get engaged over a year after the news of their affair first hit.

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