Swifties side with Taylor Swift and take aim at Ticketmaster amid ticket sales disaster

Taylor smiling
Fans of the pop star were left ‘angry’ after tickets were canceled. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Taylor Swift fans were left devastated after ticket sales for her first tour in five years were canceled.

However, many have since sided with the pop star and have taken aim at Ticketmaster, who canceled the tickets after “extraordinarily high demands.”

On Tuesday (November 15), Taylor’s fans, called the Swifties, could finally buy presale tickets for the singer’s much-anticipated 2023 Eras tour.

Millions took to Live Nation’s Ticketmaster website in the hopes of snagging a ticket to the music superstar’s first tour in more than five years.

Verified fans were given codes to enter the presale to log on and try and secure their seats.

However, the site crashed almost immediately, as Variety reports, and froze during transactions, making it impossible for people to buy tickets and sending thousands of Swifties into all-out pandemonium.

Ticketmaster cancels Taylor Swift tickets leaving fans ‘angry’

On Thursday, things only got worse for fans after Ticketmaster completely canceled the general sale of tickets, due to go live today (November 18).

The company tweeted a statement that cited due to “extraordinarily high demands,” the tickets were canceled.

Ticketmaster statement
Pic credit: @Ticketmaster/Twitter

“It’s a function of Taylor Swift,” Liberty Media CEO and Live Nation chairman Greg Maffei told CNBC on Thursday morning.

“The site was supposed to open up for 1.5 million verified Taylor Swift fans. We had 14 million people hit the site, including bots, which are not supposed to be there.”

Fans instantly reacted in dismay and frustration with the company.

“Your one job is literally to sell tickets to a lot of people,” one fan wrote in the comments after Ticketmaster’s tweet announcing the cancellation.

Pic credit: @PeteBlackburn/Twitter

Another fumed, “actually so angry at Ticketmaster it’s not even funny.”

Pic credit: @neilmacartney/Twitter

Fans rally together to support Taylor Swift

Despite their frustration, Taylor’s loyal fans seemed to side with the 32-year-old herself.

“Guys no matter what is happening with tm and stuff we still need to support @taylorswift13.”

The follower continued, “I’m not going to just stop listening to her music just because I might not see her on tour. That’s not her fault.

Fans supporting Taylor
Pic credit: @caliq1795/Twitter

“This is not Taylor’s fault. She had no idea that this would happen and I’m sure her & her team are working on something,” a third added.

Another added, “I love you @taylorswift13. I know this isn’t your fault and you don’t own @Ticketmaster. They failed us and most importantly YOU. This was not handled well.”

another fan supporting Taylor
Pic credit: @Jess_Hancock_/Twitter

“I just hope Taylor knows we aren’t mad at her, we’re mad at Ticketmaster,” a third fan wrote.

Fans are not mad at Taylor
Pic credit: @tallesttiptoes/Twitter

Taylor has yet to make a statement and respond to the matter.

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