Spider-Man star Tom Holland buys chickens during coronavirus pandemic

Spider-Man star Tom Holland buys chickens during coronavirus pandemic
Tom Holland from Spider-Man Far From Home. Pic credit: Marvel

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland faces many of the same problems that most people in the world today face during the coronavirus epidemic.

He knows he has to self-quarantine to protect himself. He also knows he has to eat and has seen first-hand that the supermarkets are missing many food types.

To combat this, Tom Holland bought chickens.

Tom Holland introduces the world to his chickens

Tom Holland took to his Instagram Live account and introduced the world to his two new chickens — Chestnut Ranger and Predator.

“With everything going on, the supermarkets are all empty,” Holland explained. “There are no eggs. We had no eggs. So, to solve that problem we would become the source of eggs.”

He then held up his chicken, named Predator.

“So, now we are the owners of chickens,” Holland explained. “This is Predator. Over there is Chestnut Ranger.”

He then said, “Be free, little friend” and let Predator go to play.

Of course, the Internet loved it.

One user enthused that Tom Holland buying chickens because the supermarket was out of eggs was the “funniest thing to come out of this.”

Another said that Tom Holland spending his life at home with his chickens, brother, and friends, while having a puzzle war, was a good reason to love him.

Yet another dreamed to be a chicken, carried by Tom Holland.

Tom Holland during coronavirus

Having two new chickens to care for and love, ones that can supply his beloved eggs, has to make Tom Holland feel better right now.

His last movie, Onward, should have been a massive success, but it failed at the box office due to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down theaters.

As a result, the film is headed to Disney+ in two weeks, making it a financial flop at the theaters.

This is disappointing, as Onward is one of Pixar’s better films.

Holland voices Ian Lightfoot, a young elf living in modern-day society (albeit with only fairytale creatures). He has never met his father, who died when he was a baby, and he is now preparing to get his driver’s license.

However, on his birthday, his mom gives him and his brother Barley (Chris Pratt) a gift from their dad that she had been holding all this time.

What she didn’t know was that the present was a spell that would bring him back to life for one day so he could spend that precious time with his sons.

When the spell goes wrong, and only half their father appears, the brothers set out on a quest to find a magical jewel that will allow them to finish the spell so they can see their dad one last time before moving on.

Onward hits Disney+ on April 3. Until then, Tom Holland has some chickens to feed. 

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