Soulja Boy slams Kanye West with cruel roast after album snub

soulja boy and kanye west
Soulja Boy revealed a text from Kanye before ranting over his album snub. Pic credit: ©

Soulja Boy roasted Kanye West with some cruel words in response to a recent interview.

The Billionaire rapper appeared on the Drink Champs podcast and addressed why the Crank That rapper was left off his recent album, Donda.

Ye gave the 31-year-old rapper credit in the interview, praising Soulja Boy as a “top five influential” rapper. Kanye was then asked why he took Soulja off his album.

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Kanye praised Soulja as “the future” after revealing he did not feel his verse was good enough to make the album.

“You ain’t hear that verse?” Ye asked, to which N.O.R.E responded, “Nope,” before Yeezy erupted in laughter.

“The verse wasn’t good?” Drink Champs co-host N.O.R.E. asked.

“Nah,” Kanye responded. “But I’ll tell you what, though. Soulja Boy is the future, though. Future the future…”

Soulja Boy issues a profanity-laced response

Soulja Boy didn’t take lightly to Kanye’s remarks on the podcast.

The Crank That rapper performed a verse from Kanye West’s recent song Remote Control off his Donda album, but his verse was removed before the album release.

“Don’t text me and say that verse wasn’t good,” Soulja Boy said in response.

“Don’t get on no muthaf**kin’ public platform and say different from what the f**k you told me to my face.”

Soulja went on to roast Ye for his experimental haircut, adding, “Tell me to my face that s**t was trash, b***h-ass f***ing scab-head ass boy. Who cut your hair?”

Soulja zoomed in on text messages from Kanye as he continued his rant.

“You said the verse was hard. Why the f**k you ain’t text my phone? You not finna baby me with some Soulja Boy is the future. You said my verse wasn’t hard,” Soulja said before giving a review of Kanye’s album, saying: “Yo album was trash.”

DJ Akademiks reveals Kanye’s text to Soulja Boy

During a recent appearance on DJ Akademiks’s podcast, Off The Record, Soulja Boy gave his phone to the podcaster and revealed Kanye had high praise for Soulja in reaction to the verse.

The billionaire was ‘gassin up’ the Crank That rapper, saying the verse left off Remote Control was “crazy” with several “A’s, and Z’s, and E’s.”

Souja Boy wasn’t the only artist upset that he was left off Donda. Chris Brown also had choice words for Ye for removing his verse.

According to Page Six, Brown called the Stronger rapper “a whole hoe,” for the snub before adding, “Nah, he tweakin.”

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