Sofia Vergara has been reportedly ‘out every night’ embracing divorce from Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara on the red carpet
Sofia Vergara at the 2018 Stand Up to Cancer. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Sofia Vergara might be 51, but according to reports, being free of spousal obligations has her feeling young again.

The star from America’s Got Talent was spotted on a girls’ vacation in Italy immediately after announcing her divorce plans and has been enjoying late-night dining at renowned restaurants. Additionally, Vergara recently attended Taylor Swift’s highly successful Eras Tour.

She doesn’t know about you, but the Modern Family star is feeling 22.

OK Magazine spoke to a source claiming Vergara has been embracing the nightlife since her split with Joe Manganiello.

The insider explains, “She’s out every night, or so it seems, and enjoying the cocktails and the attention.”

They add to the outlet, “She’s living it up like she just got out of prison. Sofía sees nothing wrong with having a little fun, staying out late.”

The site alleges that Manganiello enjoyed living a quiet lifestyle. After his departure, Vergara no longer feels restricted to being at home all the time, which was a challenge for her, as per the source.

More about Sofia Vergara’s newly separated lifestyle

The source also claims that the marriage felt like having a curfew.

Now, the America’s Got Talent star has untethered abilities to pull an all-nighter if she wishes.

“Sofía’s always loved going out, and now that Joe’s not waiting at home, she can stay out as late as she wants without upsetting anyone.” The same source adds, “She loves letting her hair down and having fun with her friends and her family.”

And the feelings of freedom must be mutual, especially since Manganiello was tagged on Instagram getting a fresh forearm tattoo.

But what led to their marital split? Did Vergara’s need for late-night social gatherings factor, or was the lifestyle a concern to the Magic Mike actor?

Reports claim Manganiello’s sobriety was the biggest issue

Before they tied the knot, the actor who played Deathstroke had already been struggling with sobriety. He decided to become completely sober in 2002, and despite concerns during their dating period, sources say he still went ahead and married Vergara.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the source explains, “He was warned about this when he started dating her and again before marrying her. He did not think that he was going to change her, but he also didn’t think about the implications this could have on their marriage.”

Another source responded to the accusation, claiming the Modern Family star was above board in supporting his sobriety.

An additional insider notes that the two were slowly becoming different people. As previously reported, the source says, “They have been growing apart for some time now and tried to resolve things, but they are focused on different areas of their lives.”

A witness close to Vergara made a similar statement, explaining, “Sofía is a smart and hardworking girl who thinks of everything that could go wrong before it actually does.” Further adding, “Joe is pretty low key, and for years, this suited both of them. This has been chipping away for a while.”

Despite their marital struggles, both celebrities are still thriving. Sofia Vergara is currently serving as a judge on America’s Got Talent and even received playful jabs from Howie Mandel regarding her availability in a recent episode.

Manganiello has two films in the works– The Kill Room (with Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman) and Nonnas (with Susan Surrandan and Vince Vaughan).

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