Snoop Dogg launches new ice cream, credits Martha Stewart and Master P for inspiration — Here’s where to buy it

Snoop Dogg at the MTV Movie Awards
Snoop Dogg says he was inspired by Martha Stewart and Master P. Pic credit: ©

Snoop Dogg is putting his money where his mouth is with a new ice cream brand that his fans are rushing to the store to purchase.

The new sweet treat, called Dr. Bombay Ice Cream, is named after a Bored Ape NFT that the Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper owns.

When it comes to giving credit where credit is due, Snoop is doing just that.

He’s already shouted out his good friends Martha Stewart and Master P for being the inspiration behind the new dairy brand.

The new frozen desserts come in seven different flavors with names like Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream, Iced Out Orange Cream, and Syrupy Waffle Sundaze. The interesting new flavors are available in pint-size containers, making it possible to try them all without breaking the bank.

This isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has been in the food space, but this time around, he didn’t even put his face on the label.

Snoop Dogg gives credit to Martha Stewart and Master P

Snoop didn’t hold back when speaking to TMZ about his newest business venture.

“I’ll give two people credit for where I’m at right now,” Snoop Dogg said. “Master P showed me the business, taught me how to brand, market, and do all the things that I’m doing right now.”

He continued, “But Martha Stewart showed me how to take it to another level. She was always explaining to me about being in different department stores, having a cookbook, expanding my business, doing different things to diversify my portfolio, and veritably integrate all of my businesses. So she showed me how to excel at what I’m doing.”

Snoop gushed over his famous friends, saying, “Master P put me through college, but I believe that Martha gave me that hands-on experience to be able to do things with her that were considered too big for a rapper. But once we got together, you seen that people love people, and that’s one thing about me and Martha’s relationship that I love is that it unites people of all walks of life.”

Where can you buy Dr. Bombay Ice Cream?

Those looking to try Snoop Dogg’s new Dr. Bombay Ice Cream should head to their local Walmart.

The pint-size containers of deliciousness run just under $5 each and come in seven different flavors. The new product dropped on July 24 in 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide, and based on the buzz, we wouldn’t be too surprised if more stores started carrying the brand.

Snoop has said that his inspiration for the ice cream, aside from learning some great business strategy from friends, Martha Stewart and Master P, came because he was tired of mixing two different ice creams to get his desired flavor.

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