Snoop Dogg’s BIC lighter ad with Martha Stewart arrives ahead of Super Bowl 2022 halftime show, Puppy Bowl

snoop dogg and martha stewart
Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are teaming up for a Super Bowl 2022 ad and the Puppy Bowl. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

A dynamic duo will appear amongst the Super Bowl 2022 commercials, as a Snoop Dogg BIC lighter ad will feature his friend Martha Stewart.

Stewart and Snoop are using the BIC EZ Reach lighter in the ad, appropriately titled “Pass It,” based on the rapper’s habit of blazing up.

The advertisement arrived online a week ahead of the big game, where Snoop will be amongst the Super Bowl halftime performers. He’ll also co-host and coach the 2022 Puppy Bowl with Stewart.

Watch Snoop Dogg’s BIC lighter ad with Martha Stewart

Snoop Dogg sits side-by-side with his pal Martha Stewart to promote the BIC EZ Reach lighter in a funny new ad. It seems that Martha and Snoop have different ideas about what to use the lighter for, though.

“Yo Martha, I didn’t know you was into this!” Snoop exclaims as he walks into a smoky area outdoors.

“You mean smoking a Turkey?” Martha asks as she lifts up the hood of a barbecue grill to reveal some food.

In the ad, Martha and Snoop praise the lighter for being “perfect for hard to reach places” and helping people stay safe as it keeps their fingers away from the lighter.

The ad closes with Snoop suggesting they use the lighters for their “favorite activity.” It’s not smoking, though, as the scene shifts to Martha and Snoop enjoying some s’mores over a campfire. At least Snoop won’t have to worry about the munchies with Martha around.

The duo has appeared in last May’s BIC commercial where they enjoyed a “bowl” of strawberries and some fondue together outdoors.

Snoop, Martha to host and coach 2022 Puppy Bowl

While the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg BIC lighter ad (shown above) will be part of the Super Bowl 2022 commercials, the duo will also appear as hosts for the annual Puppy Bowl.

According to People, 80-year-old Stewart and 50-year-old Snoop Dogg hosted last year’s Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. This year, they’ll also serve as coaches for the canines involved in the matchup.

Several of those pups are plays on NFL stars competing in the Super Bowl, with Cooper Pupp and Odell Barkham set to participate in this year’s matchup. Soon after they’ve finished playing their game, the Rams’ Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. will appear on the field for the Super Bowl.

Snoop and Stewart expressed their excitement to be back hosting the Puppy Bowl and hopefully helping some dogs find loving homes in the process.

“I’m honored to be co-hosting the only sporting event on the planet guaranteed to raise the ‘woof’ with the magnificent Martha Stewart!” Snoop said as part of a press statement.

“I’m so excited that Snoop and I are back to kick off Puppy Bowl XVIII and help a bunch of deserving pups find their forever homes!” Stewart said.

The duo will help the puppies out with some pre-game drills before taking over hosting duties for the fun-filled event. Viewers can watch that on Sunday, February 13, starting at 2/1c on Animal Planet.

Snoop to appear as Super Bowl 2022 halftime performer

In addition to a Snoop lighter ad and the Puppy Bowl hosting duties, the Doggfather will appear on stage alongside Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige.

The Super Bowl 2022 halftime show features a hip-hop lineup presented by Pepsi from SoFi stadium in Los Angeles, California.

Snoop hyped up his appearance as part of the show last month on Monday Night Football with former Super Bowl winners Peyton and Eli Manning.

“It’s gonna be a great performance. You got Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Snoop Dogg. It’s gonna be a great presentation. We’re so thankful that the NFL is accepting hip-hop on stage and letting us do what we do,” Snoop said.

“We plan to put together a great show. You know, give the people something they’ve been waiting on,” he added, mentioning many people watch the big game to see the halftime show too.

There’s been no mention of any guest appearances, but they’ve happened during previous Super Bowls so stay tuned.

Super Bowl 56, featuring Pepsi’s hip-hop halftime show, arrives on Sunday, February 13, as the Los Angeles Rams host the Cincinnati Bengals. Viewers can catch the game, Snoop and Martha’s ad, and the halftime show as kickoff arrives at 6:30/5:30c on NBC.

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