Sex and the City alum Jason Lewis engaged: His fiancée is Liz Godwin not Liz Goodwin

Sex and the City hunk Jason Lewis is engaged.
Liz Goodwin is the long-time love of actor Jason Lewis: Pic credit:

Sex and the City alum Jason Lewis is engaged. His fiancée is model Liz Godwin, not political reporter, Liz Goodwin.

The two women’s names are so close that there is confusion regarding which one is the lucky lady who won Jason’s heart.

According to People magazine, Jason popped the question a couple of months ago. The couple has been keeping the news private until now.

Jason arranged a romantic proposal that featured a California sunset as the backdrop.

The couple has been dating since 2012 when they met at a party in Miami. They are planning to get married in the fall of 2021.

Jason told the weekly magazine he is a better man because of his bride to be.

“She loves me when I am amazing, and when I am not. She is always on my side and ever my support. She creates space for me in which I grow, and I am a better man for knowing her, so the humble ask to take her as my wife, and of course her ‘yes,’ are absolute blessings to my life,” he expressed.

Who is Jason’s fiancée Liz Godwin?

Liz’s LinkedIn page has her occupation listed as a business professional. Her most recent job experience is as actor Jason Lewis’ personal assistant.

Yes, she is the personal assistant to her soon-to-be husband.

Although she has been successful as a model, Liz also has a few acting credits to her name. She has had bit parts in a handful of films, including Ride Along 2 and Along Came the Devil.

Modeling is where Liz has had the most success to date, but it is not her dream job. She wants to channel her creativity and skills into a burgeoning film producing career.

Liz is also an activist for the environment. She is passionate about saving the planet and educating people on global warming.

Who is political reporter Liz Goodwin?

Political reporter Liz Goodwin is getting mistaken for Jason Lewis’ fiancée Liz Godwin.

There is literally only one letter difference in their names, so it is easy to see why people are having trouble figuring who is set to marry Jason.

According to her Twitter profile, Goodwin works for The Boston Globe and will be covering all aspects of the 2020 election. She works in the Globe’s Washington, D.C. Bureau.

Goodwin grew up in Galveston, Texas, and has always wanted to be a reporter with a specialty in politics. Previously she worked at Yahoo News, where she covered congressional and presidential elections.

Congratulations are in order for Sex and the City hunk Jason Lewis, who is engaged to Liz Godwin. The actor is over the moon to be marrying his long-time love.

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