Selena Gomez poses with Simi Khadra after she was spotted making out with The Weeknd in Vegas

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Selena Gomez posts new photos with The Weeknd’s rumored girlfriend, Simi Khadra. Pic credit: ©

Selena Gomez shared some new pictures on Instagram, and the six degrees of separation are interesting, meaning someone somewhat unexpected turned up in the pics.

The new shots feature Selena with Simi Khadra

Selena’s fans went wild for the pictures, calling her a “shady queen” and expressing confusion. 

Simi was spotted making out with The Weeknd in Vegas this week. Selena Gomez also dated The Weeknd. Simi Khadra is the former best friend of Bella Hadid, who also dated The Weeknd. Simi is still friends with Kendall Jenner.

Selena Gomez posts new pictures with Simi Khadra

Selena added two shots with Simi and Haze Khadra, the twin DJs known as Simi & Haze. 

Selena wore gray loungewear in the shot, while the twins sported dark green leather ensembles. Selena raises an arm in the first, playful shot. 

Selena draped her arms around Simi in the second shot as Simi smiled. 

The shots have surprising timing, as Simi Khadra was spotted making out with The Weeknd this week in Las Vegas. Selena and The Weeknd dated in 2017. 

The caption says, “Since 2013.” Apparently, Selena, Simi, and Haze have been friends since 2013.

One amused fan wrote, “wait what LOL.”

Selena Gomez comment
Pic credit: @selenagomez/Instagram

Another fan said, “The Weeknd has entered the chat.”

Selena Gomez comment 2
Pic credit: @selenagomez/Instagram

Another commenter seemingly approved and said, “We love a shady Queen.”

Selena Gomez comment 3
Pic credit: @selenagomez/Instagram

Who is Simi Khadra?

Simi Khadra is half of a Dj group called Simi Haze. The other half of Simi Haze is her twin sister, Haya. The Palestine-raised twins are successful DJs who have played at Coachella. 

Earlier this week, TMZ posted a video showing The Weeknd and Khadra making out at Delilah nightclub in Las Vegas. 

Simi and Haze studied Film Production & Fine Art at the University of Southern California. Simi Khadra became close friends with Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, the latter dated The Weeknd for many years. 

Bella and Simi are no longer friends, and Bella unfollowed the twins on Instagram, but Simi still appears to be friends with Kendall. As for Bella, she is currently dating art director Marc Kalman.

The twins also counted Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin as pals. 

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd dated briefly

Selena dated The Weeknd starting in January 2017.

The two lived together briefly in New York. The couple broke up in October 2017 when Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant because of her Lupus. 

The Weeknd could not “drop everything” and be at her side, so the two split. Selena called Abel Tesfaye a good friend, despite the breakup between them. 

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