Selena Gomez song: The Weeknd could release new single Like Selena among other new music

selena gomez song from the weeknd may be on the way
A new song inspired by Selena Gomez may be on the way from her former boyfriend. Pic credit: Collin/Image Press Agency

A new Selena Gomez song from The Weeknd could be on the way! It doesn’t appear it will be a duet, though.

The latest reports indicate that the singer may be preparing to release a song inspired by the pop star whom he previously dated. The news arrives just after Selena Gomez performed for her first time in two years on television, and as The Weeknd is releasing some other brand new music for the fans.

The Weeknd dropping new music soon

On Tuesday, ET Online reported that popular singer The Weeknd registered for a song title called Like Selena with ASCAP. That’s the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

The news of the registration certainly has many fans excited about the new music on the way, but also curious. It’s not confirmed, but it could be based on Selena Gomez, whom The Weeknd was in a relationship with back in 2017.

The singer is reportedly releasing several other new songs soon, ahead of the one he just registered. On Monday, he posted on his Instagram saying “the fall starts tomorrow night.” Circulating reports and information online indicate he is going to drop Blinding Lights on Tuesday and a song called Heartless on Wednesday.

If The Weeknd releases a new song based on Selena Gomez, it won’t be the first. It’s believed several songs on his 2018 album My Dear Melancholy made references to her.

Selena, Weeknd Split in October 2017

Selena and The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye, began dating back in January 2017. They even moved in together in New York in September of that year. Things didn’t last long after that, though.

Based on ET Online’s report, the couple split apart in October 2017 due to Selena Gomez undergoing a kidney transplant due to Lupus. At the time a source indicated that the split-up happened due to The Weeknd being unable to “drop everything he had going on to be with her full-time.” Instead, Selena Gomez relied on her friends during her health issues and recovery.

Gomez talked about the disease and her recovery when she appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ show several years ago. She also spoke about comments she received for a bikini photo where some people were wondering what happened to the singer and why she gained weight.

Some of the other reported reasons for Selena’s split with The Weeknd are that he “didn’t really mesh with her friends” and wasn’t in a church group, per a source in ET’s report. Selena’s friends and faith are very important to the singer, so it may have been another dealbreaker in terms of her continuing things with The Weeknd.

Gomez recently returned to the stage for this past weekend’s American Music Awards, where she opened with two new songs from her upcoming album. Gomez has that still-untitled album scheduled for release in January 2020, but it’s currently unknown when The Weeknd will drop Like Selena.

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