Sarah Michelle Gellar shares ‘epic’ throwback with David Bowie and Neve Campbell

Sarah Michelle Gellar at the Hero Dog Awards.
Sarah Michelle Gellar shared an amazing throwback snap as she posed next to David Bowie and Neve Campbell. Pic credit: ©

Sarah Michelle Gellar got Wednesday off to an amazing start as she shared one incredible throwback.

The Wolf Pack star gave fans a reason to stop doom-scrolling for hump day as she tossed in one nostalgic trip down memory lane that most of her fans could undoubtedly greatly appreciate.

Wearing a black beanie on her cropped blonde hair and sporting a matching black t-shirt with a low-cut neckline, Sarah could be seen beaming as she posed with the late David Bowie and actress Neve Campbell.

While Sarah did not identify the exact year the pic was taken, the trio all appeared to be reveling in their youth, and Neve rocked a choppy hairstyle that was reminiscent of her filming days for either Scream 2 or Scream 3, so the snap likely dated back to the later ’90s.

David, who grinned from ear to ear in between his female counterparts, rocked a spiky hairdo and partial goatee with blonder shocks of hair at the middle-to-top of his short fauxhawk.

An earring hung on one earlobe, and a knitted black sweater adorned his torso.

For her part, Neve looked like she had walked right off the spread of a magazine as she posed with her tresses down while wearing linen-looking trousers with a black undershirt and a camel-colored pea coat on top.

“Think the me in this pic had any idea how epic this was?” Sarah pondered in her caption.

Sarah Michelle Gellar fans respond to her ‘epic’ throwback snap

While Sarah often shares photos to provide evidence of her years-long friendship with former Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star Seth Green, it’s rare to see the actress share such a monumental photo as she did with her recent post.

Not only did Sarah herself seem to be in awe of her photograph discovery, but her followers appeared to be equally mesmerized and thrilled by the share.

“MIKE DROP ???,” penned one enthusiastic fan, while another followed up with, “Please frame this!! ???❤️.”

Fans react to Sarah Michelle Gellar's latest post with David Bowie and Neve Campbell.
Fans respond to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s latest post. Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

More followers also had similar reactions to the shot, with one person seeming to virtually drop their jaw to the floor as another proclaimed the snap to be “iconic.”

Some other people playfully ribbed David’s unique hairstyle as one called out the wild style, and someone else joked that David’s “onion” spikes caused them to go to therapy.

Fans respond in awe over Sarah's post as some joke about David Bowie's hairstyle.
Fans react to Sarah’s post and joke about David’s hair. Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

While the snap itself was legendary, fans may also have noticed that Sarah hasn’t changed a whole lot since dominating screens everywhere with her presence in her younger years.

The star opened up a few years ago about just how she has maintained her youthful glow and flawless skin since making A-list status in her teens.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares her secrets to glowing, young skin

Speaking with Us Weekly when she had turned 41, the now-45-year-old explained that much of her healthy habits came at an early age.

“From an early age, I’ve understood you have to take care of your skin…You know, don’t go to sleep with makeup on, cleanse and moisturizer before bed,” she said.

Although many celebrities hit up the spa and dermatologist for facials on a regular basis, Sarah chooses to skip the professional route and take care of her skin from the comfort of her own home.

Sarah touted her religious face-washing ritual for a lot of her flawless good looks, saying she always ensures she cleanses her skin upon waking up in the morning, as well as following airplane travel and long days on set.

She also shared that she applies sunscreen daily, preferring to use Olay Complete Lotion Moisturizer to conquer both her sun protection and skin-drenching necessitates.

The lotion comes infused with SPF 30 and retails for $14.99 online.

Wolf Pack premiered on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023.

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