Salma Hayek shares Magic Mike throwback with Channing Tatum, jokes about who goes to the gym

Salma Hayek.
Salma Hayek shared a fun throwback. Pic credit: ©

Salma Hayek took a moment out of her busy schedule to share a fun Magic Mike-themed throwback with her social media followers.

The seasoned actress was featured in the latest installment of the famous male stripper franchise, Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

In the recently released film, Hayek played Maxandra Mendoza, a wealthy socialite who makes Mike Lane (Tatum) an offer he’s unable to refuse.

The steamy flick had fans divided, with some enjoying the fun ride while others thought it was a missed opportunity.

Despite that, it seems Hayek and Tatum were able to build a solid friendship through their time filming with one another.

And the perfect example of their bond was captured and shared on Hayek’s Instagram.

Salma Hayek teases she’s no gym goer in a cheeky post with her co-star Channing Tatum

Over on her Instagram grid, Hayek shared a great post featuring her co-star in celebration of his birthday.

The funny post had both stars pretending to thrust toward one another while making silly faces toward the camera.

While Hayek was fully clothed, including a green tank top, full-length khaki pants, and black slide-on sandals, Tatum was nearly nude and sported a pair of black boxer briefs.

With her legs spread apart, Hayek threw her arms into the air, showing off her impressive biceps. However, as readers can imagine, it was Tatum’s physique that stole the spotlight.

Between his washboard abs and defined arms, Tatum left very little to the imagination.

Taking to the caption, Hayek joked that only one of them worked out on a daily basis, and it was easy to discover which one of them it was based on their outfits.

“Those of us who didn’t work out daily, kept their clothes on. Feliz cumpleaños @channingtatum #magicmike,” Hayek wrote in the post’s caption.

Salma Hayek isn’t a huge fan of going to the gym and finds alternative ways to stay fit

Although the focus of her Instagram post was Tatum, Hayek’s physique is hard to ignore. Throughout her years in Hollywood, Hayek has easily had one of the most desirable bodies in the industry.

And while she may claim that she doesn’t hit the gym on a daily basis, she still takes her health seriously.

“Some people have the discipline to exercise in the morning, and I didn’t develop that,” she told People in 2020. “I don’t have time to exercise. I am working. I’ve had some 20-hour days.”

Hayek added that instead of hitting the gym every day, she engages in “restorative yoga” that requires her to be “aware of [her] body” — and it’s clearly working in her favor.

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