Rumor buster: Quaden Bayles is not 18, as bullied boy gains sympathy from the world

Quaden Bayles from Queensland in Australia
Video shows Quaden Bayles from Queensland, Australia sobbing in his mom’s car after being bullied at school. Pic credit: Yarraka Bayles/Facebook

It seems that just as soon as people show they can show kindness to someone, others try to dig up dirt to shove the person back down.

Earlier today, we reported that nine-year-old Australian child Quaden Bayles’ mother posted a heartwrenching moment after he was bullied.

Everyone from Brad Williams to Hugh Jackman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan came to the boy’s aid, offering encouragement. Morgan said he would try to find time to meet the child while Williams set up a fundraiser to send little Bayles to Disneyland.

However, then people showed up trying to prove that Quaden Bayles and his mother were frauds.

Quaden Bayles accusations

The first accusations came that showed that Quaden Bayles had photographs on Instagram that he deleted to show that he was actually very wealthy.

Other photos came up, including one by Dominick Nati.

“Hey Quaden Bayles you must have accidentally deleted some Instagram photos my young actor. Don’t worry there’s screenshots. Thanks for posting how to send you more money yesterday.”

Rumor buster: Quaden Bayles is not 18, as bullied boy gains sympathy from the world
Was Quaden Bayles a fraud? Pic credit: Domenick Nati/Facebook

However, after this, people started to accuse Quaden Bayles of being an 18-year-old man and not nine, calling into question the entire situation.

While there is no telling how much of Quaden Bayles’ story is true and how much is overexaggerated, we can say without a doubt that this post is wrong.

Quaden Bayles is a nine-year-old boy — and he is not 18.

Quaden Bayles age

The biggest claim from that last tweet was that Quaden Bayles is 18 and they proved this by having him beside a giant glowing “18” at a party. As Snopes clarifies, Quaden Bayles is nine.

However, standing next to the number 18 doesn’t make someone 18 any more than standing next to a lake turns someone into water.

Here are photos of Quaden Bayles in 2012 as a baby.

If he was 18, that means that at the time of these photos, he was 10 years old.

The photos of Quaden Bayles next to the number 18 was at the birthday party of a man named Garlen. Quaden and Garlen are two different people, as seen in the photos below.

Also, Quaden Bayles’ mother came into the spotlight back in 2015 when she spoke about the bullying her child underwent at the time. See that kid in the video below? If he is 18, that means the little four year old in that video below was actually 13.

One last thing.

It was claimed that Qualen Bayles is getting the money sent to him for the fundraiser. Brad Williams, the organizer of the fund, shot that down.

Bayles will get the money to go to Disneyland and money for while he is there to have fun. The rest of the money is going to an anti-bullying charity.

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