Quaden Bayles: Brad Williams’ Go Fund Me page raises over $300,000 to send bullied boy to Disneyland

Quaden Bayles from Queensland in Australia
Video shows Quaden Bayles from Queensland, Australia sobbing in his mom’s car after being bullied at school. Pic credit: Yarraka Bayles/Facebook

Comedian Brad Williams’ Go Fund Me campaign for Quaden Bayles has raised more than $300,000.

The Go Fund Me campaign to send Quaden Bayles to Disneyland in California started after a video emerged online (see video below) showing the nine-year-old Australian schoolboy sobbing uncontrollably after being bullied at school because of his condition.

Thousands of people gladly chipped into the project to raise funds for Bayles, who was born with a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia.

The heartbreaking video that inspired the Go Fund Me campaign was shared on Facebook Live (see video below) on Tuesday by Quaden’s mom, Yarraka Bayles, from Queensland in Australia.

It shows Quaden sobbing inconsolably in the car after his mother picked him up at school. He was crying because one of his school mates mocked and bullied him because of his height.

“Give me a knife, I gonna kill myself,” Quaden says as he sobbed.

“Gimme a knife now, I want to stab myself in my heart,” Bayles can be heard saying in the clip, amid heart-wrenching sobs.

Reactions on social media

The heartbreaking video went viral on Facebook after Quaden’s mom, Yarraka,  posted it online on Tuesday. The video has received more than 21 million views as of writing, with more than 400,000 likes.

Quaden is receiving an overwhelming outpouring of love and support from thousands of Facebook users from around the world.

Hundreds posted messages expressing sympathy and support for Quaden. Many said that the sight of Quaden sobbing also brought them to tears.

People have also been reacting on Twitter:

Quaden has also received support from the National Rugby League’s Indigenous All-Stars team, according to CNN.

Members have invited Quaden to lead the team for their NRL pre-season match against the Maori All-Stars on Saturday.

Latrell Mitchell, the Indigenous All-Stars fullback, said in the video:

“Just want to wish you all the best brother. We know you’re going through a hard time right now but the boys are here, we’ve got your back. We’re here to support you, bud.”

Australian actor Hugh Jackson also shared a video expressing his support for  Quaden:

“Quaden, you are stronger than you know, mate. And no matter what, you have a friend in me, So, everyone let’s just please be kind to each other. Bullying is not OK, period.”

Quaden’s mom shared the video to show the effect of bullying

Quaden’s mom, Yarraka, said she shared the video to show the effect that bullying has on victims.

She said that Quaden had previously attempted to take his own life and that she felt in need of parenting advice when confronted by his emotional pain.

Brad Williams started Go Fund Me to show Quaden ‘there is good in the world’

According to Brad Williams, who initiated the campaign, he was deeply touched by Quaden’s distress and desired to show him that “there is good in the world.”

He said he was in contact with Quaden’s mother, Yarraka.

“Let’s show Quaden and others, that there is good in the world and they are worthy of it.”

He said that funds raised would be used to buy airplane tickets for Quaden and his mom to visit Disneyland in Anaheim.

He said that after the flight, hotel, and feeding costs had been paid, the excess will be donated to anti-bullying charities.

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