Rumer Willis announces birth, shares first photo of baby girl

Rumer Willis up close
Rumer Willis has given birth to her daughter. Pic credit: ©

Welcome to the world, Louetta Isley Thomas Willis!

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s oldest daughter, Rumer Willis, welcomed her baby girl on April 18.

Rumer and her partner, Derek Richard Thomas, have been silent on social media until today when it was finally revealed that Rumer had given birth.

Nestled within cozy blankets with a dark crop of hair peeking out, baby Louetta is an adorable addition to the family, and, as Rumer says, she is “pure magic.”

“Born at home on Tuesday April 18th, you are more than we ever dreamed of,” Rumer added to the heartwarming post.

The new parents seem over the moon with their bundle of joy and have been spending time adjusting to the new baby in their lives rather than sharing updates online, as both have been very quiet the past week.

Rumer Willis shares excitement over starting a family

Earlier this month, a little over a week before Rumer gave birth, she revealed that her parents were “so excited” for her to have “the first grandkid.”

The excitement wasn’t one-sided, either, as Rumer told PEOPLE that the entire family was excited to grow their large clan.

“[My parents] are so excited. My sisters are so excited, and it’s so fun to be bringing in the first grandkid in our family, especially because we’re such a huge group at this point,” she revealed to the outlet.

She added that she felt her pregnancy was easier than many other peoples’ pregnancies, and even though there were hard parts, her excitement drowned out any negative feelings.

Plus, she had an amazing support system from her parents, sisters, and partner, Derek.

“He’s been so lovely, and he’s just so excited to be a dad, and we’re both just so delighted to meet whoever this little person is. I could not have asked for a better partner, and he’s going to be such a great dad,” she said of Derek.

As for her own excitement, she was just excited to meet her baby and get to know them as they grow into a person. The most exciting things she’s anticipating are “hearing them laugh, figure out who they are, play with them, and get to know them.”

Although she’s a mom first now, Rumer still has a great sense of business and partnerships and used that to her advantage while pregnant.

Rumer Willis collaborates with NAKEDCASHMERE for a maternity capsule collection

Earlier this month, Rumer announced her collaboration with NAKEDCASHMERE through some photos showing off her maternity wear.

NAKEDCASHMERE was founded in 2016 and aims to add cashmere into all styles, given that it’s extremely comfortable and luxurious.

Their site adds that they look for “sustainable sourcing” and “premium production” for their knitwear and want a quality, long-lasting item.

Rumer wrote, “This is truly [a] dream come true and a long time in the making. I can’t wait to share with you all!”

It doesn’t look like the collection is live yet, so fans will have to stay tuned to learn more about the luxurious cashmere maternity wear.

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