Royal family insider insists Camilla Parker Bowles is not the ‘racist’ as claimed in bombshell book

Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles is not racist, according to royal sources who dispute new claims. Pic credit: ©

The royal family PR machine is on overdrive because hours after allegations of Camilla Parker Bowles’ “racist” remarks, a source close to the family is denying the claims. 

Although the family allegedly will not be reading the book nor responding to the claims, a source shared that Camilla was not a racist.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle previously made racist allegations against the royal family during a 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Rumblings about Harry’s alleged memoir have continued, although nothing has been confirmed. 

A royal biographer alleged Harry is naming names with his memoir, and pointing the finger at Camilla.

A “highly-placed” royal source told Page Six: “Camilla is not racist — I can tell you categorically she is not the royal who Harry and Meghan were talking about.”

Prince Harry’s friend says book will shake monarchy to the core

An alleged friend of Harry spoke to the Mirror about Harry’s upcoming book earlier this year. 

The friend said, “Although tensions have eased between the two of them over the years, it was more for a show of unity than a close relationship. There were big problems at the start, but as Harry and his brother William aged and matured, things got better, and they can now co-exist as adults. They were never close with her, and they still aren’t.”

His friend added, “He has got lots to say about it. People think he’s keeping a low profile to respect the family, but it’s not that. He’s writing a book. He’s got a multi-million-pound book deal, and he’s keeping a lot of his opinions for that.”

Harry’s friend precautioned, “Just wait for the book to come out because that will shake the monarchy to the core.”

Where did Camilla Parker Bowles racist allegations come from?

Page Six obtained an excerpt from a book by Tom Bower, a royal biographer, called Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors.

Bower wrote: “The Sussexes’ suspicion that the Duchess of Cornwall had made racist comments about [their then-unborn son] Archie had fueled their fearsome denunciation of the entire royal family.”

The royal biographer dished that Harry would discuss “racist” interactions involving his stepmother, in his upcoming memoir.

The biographer shared, “According to Harry, someone speculated about what his future child would ‘look like.’” Camilla allegedly commented, “Wouldn’t it be funny if your child had ginger Afro hair?”

Bower explained that Harry initially laughed at the remark, but after Meghan became upset, he changed his opinion. The biographer wrote, “subsequently, Meghan’s reaction to that conversation turned Harry’s amusement into fury.”

The biographer said that Harry’s dad, Prince Charles, was aware of the memoir. Bower wrote: “Camilla, [Prince Charles] suspected, would be cited in Harry’s memoir as a reason for the couple to turn away from Britain.”

As previously reported, the royal family denies all claims.

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